Am I Really Single?

Ever dated someone who you don’t think grasped the concept that you were single? Have you ever been in a relationship without really committing to anything? Questions begin to arise about your whereabouts. They start off very innocent at first and then
they just spiral out of control. I am a single girl living in the city. I have been single for 5 years now. Yet there have been times when I have been dating someone and they act as if they are my boyfriend. Exhibiting behaviors such as: showing up to my house unannounced, going through my phone, or even questioning my activities when I am not in their presence. In one instance I was out with a guy and the guy I used to date pulled up got out of his car and started shouting at me for being out with someone other than him. The whole time I was thinking you are not my man. Why do people try to claim rights they do not possess? Single means not accompanied by another or others. Solitary it’s just me, myself, and I.

Gentleman I am not saying that women don’t exhibit some of these erratic behaviors as well. I know you have the lady in your life who thinks she is your one and only. Despite the fact you never stated you wanted to be in a relationship with her. She likes to confront other women she thinks you are with. Although never knowing the true nature of your other relationships. She will carelessly sabotage business relationships or friendships just off the strength of her insecurity. Forgetting that her feelings are a moot point when the fact remains she is just a friend not a girlfriend or wife.

People like this have the illusions of grandeur putting
themselves on pedestals you never built or were even thinking of building. Maybe you just enjoy their company and the sex is good. Why ruin a good thing with titles and obligations? It is a shame they cannot just live in the moment. As you know we are a society of excess and we always want more. Our appetites are insatiable for the need to belong.

Step back and look at the bigger picture. If you are the person foolishly committing to an uncommitted situation maybe you need to opt for a change. Try being with someone who is on the same page as you. Stop getting into things saying I just want to be friends when really on the first date you are planning how you two will spend the rest of your lives together. Let’s be frank gentleman stop rushing to the bedroom and ladies stop rushing to the altar. Then, maybe at the pit stop called patience you will also find love.


One thought on “Am I Really Single?

  1. Great post!

    You made some very valid points. Personally, I believe that problems like this arise because the parties involved were never on the same page. That is very important for any kind of relationship, friendship, bond, etc. If everyone doesn’t view the situation equally there is likely going to come a time when problems or obstacles arise.

    Both men and women need to be clear what type of friendship or relationship they are getting involved in before taking that step. I think you summed that up quite nicely in your closing statement “Let’s be frank gentleman stop rushing to the bedroom and ladies stop rushing to the altar. Then, maybe at the pit stop called patience you will also find love.”

    Patience is so important…unfortunately it is often overlooked or ignored completely. The nature of many people is ‘I want what I want…and I want it now!’

    Once again great post. I really enjoyed it.

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