Tramp Stamp

Battle of the Sexes: Would a “tramp stamp” deem a woman’s
unworthy of marriage? I was talking to a friend of mine one night. We were on the subject of piercings and tattoos. He asked me did I have any tattoos. I said I wanted one on my thigh years ago but decided not to get it because I am terrified of needles. I am glad I didn’t get it because I would not have wanted to regret it in my later years. That is when he mentioned he did not have any and he did not think women with “tramp stamps” were marriage material in his eyes.
Let me clarify what a “tramp stamp” for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. It is a tattoo found on a woman’s lower back right above the booty. To some people this is a very sexy spot for such a tattoo. It serves as great eye candy in throes of passion. I like to think of myself as an open-minded person but this one had me stumped. Initially, I thought damn men are so judgmental. They throw us up on this pedestal only to knock us back off again at the slightest infraction. I want to make a case about the fact that men are more judgmental than women but that is a topic for another Battle of the Sexes day.
The “tramp stamp” has been popular since the 90’s. It is often exposed when a woman wears a crop top or low rise jeans. This marking is either a name or another form of artwork found on the lower back. Women traditionally are the ones that bear this mark. Some may feel it is the mark of the beast and that beast would be remnants of love’s past. Often women get this branding as a display of affection for their significant other. In other instances they get it because they feel it is a sexy mark and the lower back is the perfectly place for it. They feel it will stimulate the senses of the object of their desire. Due in part to the fact men are known to be visual creatures. I am baffled how one conjures up a negative connation from a mark found on a woman’s body. I have always believed that tattoos are a form of expression. While some may feel it is a violation of such a sacred temple, the body, and do not understand why a woman would want to defile her place of sanctity? So the question of the day is if you have a “tramp stamp” would he still want to put a ring on?


2 thoughts on “Tramp Stamp

  1. Some men and women who buy into that are stupid. I hear women and men both should stop being stupid. It’s just a tattoo!!

    Get the fuck over it.

    That’s all for now… (drop the mic and casually walks off stage)…

    In my Mr. TramueL Bag…lol

    Check him out:

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