Gift and a Curse

Ever got the feeling he/she thought you invented sex? Put it on them so good you shocked yourself. No need for their confirmation you know you made that bed rock.You connect well verbally you will undoubtedly connect physically. You decide to test the waters. You two link up and you already know it’s going down.

You devour him without even meaning to. Enchanted by his seductive side your inner sex goddess shows why she reins supreme. You do things to him you never thought you would ever do. After your night of passion you awake thinking what did I do? You are not regretful but rather remorseful. You feel a sense of guilt for doing the damn thing. He calls to let you know he thoroughly enjoyed you. You share his sentiment yet you never want to go there again. Your curiosity damned near killed the cat. Did you leave him covered in withdrawal?

Good-good gets you in trouble everytime. You have to be careful who you put it on. Some people are just not ready. Seems like their ready, but really their not. When, a man knows he is capable of knocking the bottom out he tries to warn you. So when you know you will leave him hopelessly fixated on you. You do your best to warn him of this fact. Good work speaks for itself. You never truly know what someone is capable of until you lock legs with them. The love below can sometimes be a gift and a curse. Truth is it takes just one person to help you unleash the beast and sometimes that can be a scary thing. You walk around questioning yourself, asking yourself why did you do them like that? Sometimes you are just curious all those intense conversations and that passionate first kiss. Leaving your imagination to playfully dance around the idea of opening Pandora’s Box.

For future purposes try warning someone before you put it on them. Let them know the truth is your contagious. If they catch a sample of you they might get hooked. Sure they will think you are cocky but when game recognizes game you know it’s true. Truth be told I had someone tell me that he was too good and I might get hooked. Initially, I was in disbelief because I thought he was being arrogant. But knowing he was a real brother and not arrogant yet confident about his workmanship I digressed instead. He left me wondering if I really wanted to delve into that project after all. The jury is still out on that one.

Karma is a bitch that you don’t want stalking you. If the tables were turned you would be going crazy for that next hit. Has your gift ever been a curse? Are YOUR the reason they invented sex?


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