Bottom Feeder

Tacky Tuesdays: Are you treating the person who should
be your main squeeze like a bottom bitch? This person that is always there for you no matter what they have been there through it all. Been your ride or die partner yet you ride off into the sunset with someone else. If you don’t know what you have until it is gone why don’t you value them more so you won’t ever have to lose them at all?
In watching the movie Why Did I Get Married we are introduced to three poignant characters. Sheila the devoted and trusting wife of Mike, then there is Trina, her friend and confidant. Sheila has devoted her life to Mike being there for him. Yet Mike decides to cheat on Sheila with Trina despite all Sheila has done for him he treats her like shit. Mike audaciously implies Sheila is the 20% in the 80/20 rule. Here is his breakdown the 80-20 rule, in most cases, in marriage, you’re only going to get 80 percent of what you need. That’s it. No more, no less. Most of the time, 80 percent. Now, here comes this woman, offering 20 percent. Now, 20 percent looks real good when you ain’t getting it. But the problem is you’re going to leave 80 thinking you’re getting something better and you end up with 20. That is exactly what he ended up with 20.
The grass is not greener on the other side. Astroturf makes it look that way. It is like the story of the perfect man how a woman keeps ascending the stairs to the next floor to find him. She is never satisfied with a good one she has to have to perfect one and ends up with nothing at all. When you have a good thing treasure it, polish it often and show it off often. Speak of your happy times do not just dwell on the bad. Good people are out there but the question is are we worthy of their love and if we are why do we question their pure, unconditional love?
We question their love because we feel unworthy of it. Conditional love teaches us we have to prove ourselves worthy. Unconditional love asks for nothing more than a chance to show you true happiness. Pain sometimes envelopes us to the point where we find comfort in it. Misery and love make strange bedfellows. Sleeping with the enemy is bound to give you many restless nights.
There is only one perfect, supreme being and his name is God. The rest of us if we are luck are good if we work hard enough for that title. If you want happiness to come to you, you must first be happy with you. No one wants to be attached to someone who is unhappy. When you are happy you can see clearly what you want and need and would never devalue someone by bestowing them title of being your 80/20. You should want and give 100% in love and everything else in life.


One thought on “Bottom Feeder

  1. Very interesting, but I guess the grass being greener all depends on how you keep your lawn. I do agree about the 80/20 rule though. We often try to find something in others that we don’t have, only to find it’s not that special once we get it.

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