Battle of the Sexes:

Another example men want their ladies to be ladies for some the kinky stuff is for their jump-offs to do. They say lady in the street and freak in the bed but a wild child may be seen as promiscuous therefore collateral damage in the man’s eyes. Women have to fit a man’s stringent criteria to be considered mating material. Granted we all have our standards but men tend to be very audacious with their requirements of a woman.

I cannot beat up on the men without pointing out that women are more judgmental of one another then they are of men. We will have a sliding scale when it comes to men but a zero tolerance policy when it comes to other women. Even when other women are on point some of us still are adamant about finding a flaw cause that bitch can’t be perfect. If she is we want to hit her over the head.

Ladies we have to seriously step up our requirements from the men because they have a nonsense attitude when it comes to us. We could learn a thing or two from them but don’t tell them I said that. We need to raise the bar. I am telling you nice guys would not finish last if we put ourselves first. No man can love you if you do not first love yourself.

Men we know we outnumber you all by drove the Alpha Male is forever seeking the Alpha Female. Think about this is what you desire of us what you are also willing to offer us. Stop demanding so much when your supply is limited. We are to giving bountifully and sacrifice heavily just to be seen as a worthy counterpart. Let’s cut each other some slack don’t require them to be perfect try working with them instead. The general consensus is we all need to get off the high horse and take a long walk together. The flames of love are been saturated with friends with benefits, open relationship, and the long practice of don’t ask, don’t tell. Let’s get back to showing one another unconditional love. Keep love alive!

Which of the two sexes are more judgmental men or women? Now I would never want to sway your vote but think about this men tend to want women to be “good girls” any flaw is deemed fatal. It kills her chances of being the wife she will be lucky if the flaw keeps her in the running to become his potential girlfriend versus his potential sex partner.


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