Good Time Gal



Can being a freak ever be a bad thing? You want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed right?

Well why are so many men intimidated by a woman with a carnivorous attitude toward sex? She wants it morning, noon, and night and in between time. Wake up tapping you on the shoulder. You tell her she is too freaky and assume when you don’t give her any she must be getting it elsewhere.

Ladies, you are with your man and your want some alone time. You get all prim and proper for your love-making session. You go one round and he is done. But you still have more energy he tells you no. Yes!!! Girl, he actually formed his lips to say no!! He tells you that you need to calm down and stop being so freaky. How disheartening is that? When you are around your man you want to be able to be yourself.

Being a freak is not synonymous with promiscuity.

You cannot begin to fathom how torturous it is to be a woman with a high sex drive trying to find a man who will not find your libido to be emasculating.

Many men are intimidated by a woman like this. It defies all logic that a woman can want it as much if not more than a man. The woman is never supposed to ask for it that is his job.

Think about it like this, it’s like asking a girl out for the first time and getting shot down. It takes so much for us to ask for it. For some of us, we wrongly assume you always want it. So when we ask and you reject us it can be devastating.

I can recall a time where I was with my man and he had me revved up and ready to go and then he was like babe I have to go. I was pissed. If you think a woman teasing a man is terrible try being a woman and having a man tease you. It is a horrendous act that no man shall commit. Not everyone likes a tease.

Being a freak has often had a negative persona; in Rick James’s “Super freak” women who are freaks are informed they will not be brought home to meet Momma. You have to tone it down actually in a lot of cases, at least until he marries you and even then there is still some backlash. I read an interview with Zane years ago about women and their sexuality.

Most women are raised to be “good girls”.  To their men the “freaky stuff” is what “bad girls” do.

Personally, I believe women have both sides to them and may display them when the situation warrants it. I also believe that it is not as simple as being good or bad because there is definitely room for a gray area. No matter where we fall sexually we should be allowed to be ourselves. No woman should have to apologize for who she is sexually. You get to be you so allow me to be me. Take me as I am or have nothing at all.

Makes you wonder if you are a freak will you be single all your life. Constantly having to hide the woman you are inside.

Guys embrace your woman’s sexual side openly. Explore new things with her. Stop looking at her strange for her requests she can be your woman and your plaything rolled into one. These women exist so enjoy them. Why look on the side when you have the lady and the freak? Stop trying to reinvent the wheel she has already been created just for you. Welcome her with open arms don’t be scared she won’t bite unless you ask of course.

Ladies be you no matter what. Unleash the beast for that special man in your life and if he cannot handle it then move on. Never sacrifice your happiness for anyone.


9 thoughts on “Good Time Gal

  1. This a great post!

    I agree there is no good or bad. People’s sex drives differ, but there is nothing wrong with a woman that is comfortable and enthused about her sexuality…at least not to me.

    I also think there are a lot of women who want sex way more than some men…but I don’t even think that is a bad thing…unless her desire for sex leads her to have sex with multiple partners. At that point she, in my opinion, would be stepping out of the freak zone and into the ho zone.

    There’s no problem having a strong desire for sex, whether man or woman, as long as you know when and how to control it. The desire for sex shouldn’t control the person…it should be the other way around.

    Also, not every man has experienced being with a woman who is very expressive sexually. So it can take some adjusting for those men to understand just what kind of woman they are dealing with. During that time the woman should be willing to help her man through that transition so that they can get to the point where they are able to enjoy their sexual escapades…no matter how frequently they occur. 😉

  2. I’m about to be bold and admit, I enjoy sex ALOT… I dont have it as much but I enjoy it when I do. I’ve been considered a freak becuz I’m open on what I like…I don’t sugarcoat.

    If a man has a problem with it, he can chuck a deuce or get on my level!

    Great post!

  3. My sex drive is ridiculous, i could probably have sex everyday at least twice if i had the time. that being said, i have no problem being everything he needs in the bedroom cuz he knows i’m everything he needs me to be in public. i’ve learned that men are afraid to let us unleash the beast until they want it, it’s about control, well i make him throw that thought right out the window, i do what i want, u can come along for the ride or be standing on the curb, my pleasure is what matters and if you do me well i’ll definitely take care of you. i’ve always been a freak and will continue, i love it when he says “damn girl” you are too much, it makes me go harder, just so he knows nobody can do it better

  4. Hey Lover!
    I was once exited during some hawt sex because I was going to be “late for my flight” he was watching time? he was watching TIME? ugh.
    I never let him live that one down, but it ended up turning into some freaky power struggle sex game in the long run, so I cant be too mad about that. But at the time I was like WTF!!!???
    At the time I started to doubt myself and shyt but later on down the line I learned that it was REALLy because he was about to cum and he wasnt used to cumming so quick- whatever!
    I told him never to do that again!!!!
    I do not like getting turned down for sex, it fucks up my day. I know men get tired and lets face it no one is at their best when they are tired, but i hate hearing the wrod NO.
    I hope in my next sexual relationship we both have the same sex drive. I have a high sex drive,I’m a freak and I dont care who knows…but I’m by no means promiscious- I dont know if everyone really understands that concept so I’m glad your post broke that down.
    I enjoyed this read!!

  5. It is refreshing to hear other women who are proud of their sexuality. Wear it proudly I am tired of us having to apologize for our sexual, sensual side. It is apart of our genetic makeup. Freak is in our DNA.

  6. This is a great post – i’s important to take care of our sexual needs and recognise what our personal preferences are. Whether you’re naturally a ‘prude’ or a ‘freak’ its a part of our identity to be embraced and nourished – not pushed back into a corner

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