Frisky Friday: Break You Off

Frisky Friday:  If break-up sex is the best sex do you purposely pick fights and argue with our mate? Now I am not one to argue because I detest confrontation but if I knew it would lead to a session like DMX and Taral Hicks in Belly I would go against everything my man had to say just to get him going. There is nothing wrong with working out some pent-up frustrations on your mate in the bedroom. The intensity of emotions combine with bodies colliding there is something so mystical about the exchange. Your mind is racing and your body is enveloped with euphoric feelings. Shock waves leave your body trembling like a city in aftershock. You make love with a sense of purpose kisses are more rough and he holds you a little tighter. A little aggression goes a long way in the bedroom. Having lover’s spats are fine as long as you kiss and make up afterwards. That is the most exciting part of the fight. The question is are these lovers spats spontaneous fits of anger. Or calculated foreplay? Do you intentionally start fights to have make-up sex?


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