Lovers and Friends

Do friends truly make the best lovers? You ever have that extra sexy friend that sometimes make you wonder if you should take a trip all over his wonderland. Then, you digress when realizing the complications sex brings to a friendship. His sex appeal is not lost on your eyes women flock to him so the eye candy is really nice. Well I have such a friend his name is Anonymous. Have to change the names to protect the guilty as charged. He is guilty of having women fawning over him. Guess it is not his fault his was built to be sexy. Well when we met initially my mouth did not hit the floor actually we met several weeks back through e-mails and I got to connect with him there. I am glad I did because I have never been one to fall for just a pretty face. I got the pleasure of admiring and respecting him for the great man he is. He is easy to talk to and very personable. See what he doesn’t know is my attraction to him was based on his passion and drive and love of pursuing his dream. For I have always been drawn to ambitious men commanding success is so sexy to me. When we met in person I was not moved by his looks but by his words. I enjoyed seeing him in his element. I enjoy talking to him and feel so inspired by him. A man that challenges you mentally goes a lot longer than a man who challenges you physically. Sometimes equipment breaks or loses power what are you going to do then. Just saying! Through our conversations I began to arrive at the thought of getting closer with him on an intimate level. Yes ladies he had me open off his words, not even trying. His level headed ways are so alluring to me. Damn him! I decided with his help of course that we should remain friends and not cross that line. Surprisingly, I respect our friendship even more for that. Platonic can be pleasurable too. Someone asked me can you be with someone that you weren’t attracted to. My answer was yes. Anonymous is a prime example of that. Friends don’t always have to be lovers. Just because you are linked to someone does not mean you need to be linked with them. Mutual respect and admiration is something I am fond of more than sex. He does not need to be my lover or companion to be in my life. Yet he shows me what my lover or companion should ne first….my friend. Thank you Anonymous.


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