Recycling Ring

Should a throwback ever be recycled? I pondered the thought even
spoke it aloud to my sister and her reply was a resounding hell
no. Being the oldest I thought I was wiser so I decided to pursue
him anyway.

We hung out and when we got around each other my sudden amnesia
of why we stopped talking suddenly resurfaced I should have
immediately shown him the door. Desperate times call for
desperate measures so don’t ever get desperate and forget
settling is not an option. I broke two carnal rules of mine.
Here’s another rule never break your own rule for you will often
regret it.

Throwbacks similar to exes are in your past for a reason. Some
people’s presence in your life is a momentary one. You know how
they say people are in your life for a reason, season, or a
lifetime. Know their place in your life and move on. Stop trying
to make something out of nothing. By hanging out with him I
realized that as much as I thought I had grown I actually was
stunted in growth since I reverted back to my old ways. I did not
need to see him and could have gone on without ever seeing him

Ladies and gentleman we have to stop trying to rekindle dead
romances. They are extinct for various valid reasons. We have to
learn to move on. Out with the old and in with the new. Embrace
and breathe newness into your life. Welcome it with open arms. By
dwelling on the past you are hindering your future.

Bask in the glory of letting go you will be rewarded with so much
more. It is like new space presents itself in your heart when you
clean out old hurt and pain. Your eyes become less foggy and your
can truly focus on your happiness.


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