Supply and Demand

Sex and The City fans do you recall the episode where the guy left money on the nightstand after his liaison with Carrie.

Remember how insulted she was. Does leaving money on the nightstand cheapen or heighten the deal?

 One might argue that at the end of the day he is paying for it anyway. Whether it is up front or in a divorce proceeding? Yet when people involve money for sex people get up in arms about it. Saying how it belittles them yet when they need money either one of the parties is thinking the other person is obligated to since they are sleeping together or if they are not already sleeping together they should be prior to any money changing hands.

 Some women put their love below on a pedestal and feel the euphemism pay like you weigh is always in order. Cause she got that good-good he should cough up the dough. She may be insulted when he leaves the money but knowing she will not return it to him. In her mind she is rewarding him showering him with love so he should definitely make it rain. Even take it so far as to telling him if he likes it he better put a ring on it. As well all know cubic zirconia is unacceptable diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

 Men buy into this hype as well doling out obscene amounts of money just to get a girl. Gone are the days of romantic walks in the park with a little picnic. We are a greedy society wanting everything in excess. The love below is so expensive they had to invent a prenup to pay for it.

 Let us delve a little deeper what is the man that is leaving the tip thinking. How does he come up with a dollar amount? For many women deemed themselves priceless. Yet if offered a million to sleep with a man for one night there is a high percentage of women who would kindly oblige that offer.


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