Safe Sexting

Freaky Friday: Do you practice sexting engaging in sex via text messages? Do you send racy pictures of yourself or illicit texts riddled with sexual innuendo? This now common practice has caused a lot of backlash for many people.

Lets recall the story of Kwame Kilpatrick the youngest mayor in the history of Detroit . Now his name is riddled in scandal after an affair he had with his chief of staff Christine Beatty. Over 14,000 text messages were exchanged between the two via Skytel pagers. Work-issued of course a rookie mistake nonetheless rumors were quashed once the sexting fueled affair was revealed.

Have we forgotten proper etiquette with this new age of sexting? A cautionary lesson was learned through the misfortune of someone else be careful who you send these pictures or texts to for they are more likely than not being forwarded to people who you do not want to see them. People are taking it to the worldwide web and posting these pictures they receive on social sites. Perish the thought.

This form of PDA is so controversial that there are enacting law to make sexting illegal for teens calling it child pornography. Case in point a young girl sends a nude picture of herself to a young man and somehow the picture reaches the internet. Who is culpable for the alleged child pornography? The girl, the young man, or are both accountable?

Less is more and we need to use discretion when practicing safe sexting. If you are a practicing sexter do it with someone you trust that will not expose your displays of affection via text messages to the world. Find a coded way to talk without giving away too much. Leave something to the imagination. It is like getting a tattoo you did not really want and trying to remove it. That picture or text is indelibly permeated in the mind of the receiver and whomever they may have forwarded it to. Use your better judgment. Recently I received a picture of a woman
exposing her breasts it was sent to me inadvertently I remember thinking I wonder how she would feel if she knew this picture was being sent to random people. I am not without scathing I
practiced sexting and it was not till recently I decided to
abstain from it. Reiterating an earlier point I learned the
lesson through someone elses misdeed. It was any eye opener for me and so many others. Practice sexting with extreme caution.


2 thoughts on “Safe Sexting

  1. wow…I have seen this happen and you do need to watch out for who your sending videos, pic or texts to.

    Shit is crazy…

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