Loving You

that says I love you first lose their power in the relationship? Does saying it first mean you are more open and into your mate than they are into you? What do you think? I have never said I love you first I always feel he has to say it first so I know he is into me and it is only then that I can openly say it to him. I have only mouth those three words twice in my life. They mean so much to me. Loving you is allowing me to be me in my barest essence allowing you in the sacred place known as my heart. There is one man walking this Earth who was my greatest love and my greatest heartache. You know who you are.

Many of us naively believe that by saying I love you first renders us powerless and whipped. We do not truly grasp the concept of those three words. What do you hear when someone says I love you? Or what do you hear when you say it to them? We do not understand the growth and maturity in those three words. How they manifest themselves into something greater than the emotions we fail to show by holding back saying those words? Think about how good it feels to be loved by someone having them know you and your flaws and still proclaim their unconditional love for you.

Why would you want to be selfish and hide those emotions from them? Being guarded is instinctive for people like me but holding back can be seen as a sign of immaturity. The wall you have built up may serve has a detrimental weapon in your quest for love. For how can someone love you if you are afraid to love them back?

Love yeast ye be loved. Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be. Say it when you are ready and mean it from the bottom of your heart. Don’t allow those words to fall out of your mouth like careless crumbs. Trust that they will treasure your heart for the gift it is. In love you take risks why not risk being happy for once in your life.


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