Making Moves

Battle of the Sexes: Who should make the first move the guy or the girl? You see a sexy guy you are having a conversation with a nice vibe to match. How do you two decide who makes the first move by setting up the first date?

So I was in a corner store when this sexy guy comes in I strike up the conversation regarding the bananas his is holding. he told me how he is making banana nut bread. Of course I thought a man in the kitchen is a sexy place for us to be. Yet I could not go in for the kill so I just walked away.

I was at a pizza shop and here comes my sexy chef I started the convo once again and of course as scary as Iam I allowed him to walk away once again. I think part of it is I cannot get a significant read off of him so I do not know how to proceed. I know it sounds lame but I am a vibe girl. If I don’t feel a strong connecting vibe I just play it cool until I have definitive proof he is feeling me.

Contrary to popular belief the guy does not always or should not always make the first move. Many men will attest to the fact there is nothing more flattering than being approached by one of us sexy ladies. There is something alluring about a woman who knpows what she wants and goes after it. As I am writing this I am thinking I should take my own advice.

Seek out my sexy mystery man because of  course as luck would have it I do not know his name. Just have to think of a creative way to get his number maybe convince him to part with that banana nut bread recipe. Maybe have him ome and demonstrate how to do it since the way I learn to cook a new dish is through visuals.

Ladies go after him and let him know you are interested. If he is smart he will take your number and get to know more about a hot girl like you. Now this hot girl is on a mission for her Hot Boy baby you got what I want.


6 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. I’m not old but I am old fashion. I truly believe men should make the first move and set up the date. We as women know how to give signs to let a man know we are interested and I think that’s ok. You have to put somthing out there if your going to catch that fish, but today women are taking it to far. In my opinon it is not lady like to approach a man and quite honestly I don’t believe men truly like it when a women does. If your sending out all the signs and he still hasn’t picked up on them then one of two things are going on. Either he’s not interested and has a girlfried or he stupid either way you don’t want him. Now if you approche this man forceably you rund the risk of him thinking your easy and you won’t truly know his intentions. But this is all my opinion no proven facts to my theroy.

    • I agree with you forcing it will prove disastrous. Yet I feel we are in a time where it is time for us to step our game up. Quit waiting on him to choose you. Get a good vibe then let it flow from there.

  2. Great post!

    I don’t think it should always be men who approach first nor should it always be women. Like you said, you go off the vibe and that’s what I would suggest. If the moment and the vibe seems right a man will typically approach a woman and take his chances. If you feel the same as a woman I say go for it!

    Live life!

  3. Well you know me, and I see something I like 9 times outta ten I go after it!! I’m aggressive sometimes…lol

    If you feel like he/she is feeling you…take a leap of faith. The worst they can say is their not interested. If that happen pick ya face up and hold ya head up and walk away!!

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