Leading Lady

There are some powerful movers and shakers on Twitter. Someone worth following is Tyrese Gibson @Tyrese4Real. The other day he mentioned how we as women often fantasize about being a wife and mother and marrying that powerful man. Yet he questioned whether or not we are truly ready for the role of wife and mother.

This made me pause for a second, first I wanted to be offended he would say such a thing but the woman in me realized the need for his question. It made me wonder were we built for the role of wife and mother. Especially since so many of us are looking for guidance on how to portray these roles. Often from the very men we wish to be with. They cannot guide us they can only lead by example. They need us to be strong and decisive. We cannot be teetering on the fence for every facet of our lives.

The roles of wife and mother are pertinent in the foundation of a strong family unit. It made me realize while teaching my daughter about life and being a strong woman I need to teach her how to be both a mother and wife. We need to believe that these are roles we should aspire to be not despised. The days of being pressured housewives should be gone pushed to the point of extinction. You can be strong as a mother and a wife for these are not oppressive roles. This distorted way of thinking is the reason why marriages crumble in the first place. Often couples are unevenly yoked. Marriage involves teamwork and a strong counterpart is extremely necessary.

So ladies ask yourself if your fantasy of being a wife and mother and marriage to a powerful man came to fruition would you be ready mind, body, and soul. Would you be ready to be the first lady to the head of state? Look at Michelle Obama and the strong presence she exudes. If she were a weak wife and mother she would serve no purpose for President Obama.

The weak only lead the weaker. Take on your role as leading lady. Let your actions speak for you. Be the example everyone else aspires to be. There is no room for exceptions. Our men need us to be strong for both them and our children. Ladies do not get confused be strong not defiant for we need to work with our men. Be strong enough to truly hear what our men are asking of you. Building a life with someone else is serious never to be
trivialzed by indecivisness and self-doubt. Confidence is key in a strong union.

Confidence will garner trust as well he will trust you as his leading lady to make the power moves that often you will be
forced to make. The role of wife and mother is not meek and mild, but strong and confident. You have to take yourself seriously before anyone else will.


One thought on “Leading Lady

  1. I appreciate this honest and straightforward article about being the leading lady. I am a newlywed and I have been married for three months and yes it is hard work being the leading lady. Being the leading lady or the wife, you wear different hats such as being the wife, counselor, chef, nurse, doctor, pastor and the list continues. Also, you might have to defend your title of being the leading lady against his mother in which you are taking that title away from her because she was the leading lady before you married her son.

    We all can be leading ladies in our own right. At times all of us definitely will need some fine tuning due to being numerous of factors but we must have deep respect and love for ourselves and spouses.

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