What Is In A Name?

Are you title obsessed? Are you so obsessed that you avoid bestowing your significant other with a  title for fear of commitment? Or fear of the responsibility that comes with moving to the next level?

Titles how many of us want them. Girlfriend/boyfriend or the ultimate title husband or wife to some the only one that matters. Women it seems want to be anointed one and men want to throw out the concept altogether. You are dating for a while and he asks to take it to the next level. You enjoy the way you two flow and ease into it. Now you expect things to change since you moved up a level.  Yet it seems your new mate believes nothing should change. What do you do?

For one stay true to yourself what you want is important. Sometimes we want exclusivity without responsibility. You will hear men often say we are fine the way we are why through a title in the mix. Well we women like to know where we stand with you if we don’t know already. Man up and take a stand. Stop avoiding commitment men and the responsibility that comes with it. How will you ever be a good husband if you have never been a good boyfriend?

Ladies stop obsessing over titles if he wants you, you will know it. His actions not the words are the important factor. We as a society are obsessed with titles. What is in a name? There is so much behind a title so much history and emotion. If loved you he would just love you with or without a title. It is not about what he calls you but what you answer to.


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