FWB: What are the benefits?

What are the benefits in a friends with benefits situation? What exactly are you gaining from being in this type of situation? Is this a form of settling? I bounced the idea off of a couple of people and got a great response. If the body is a temple then why arent we protecting it sanctity? We are giving away bits of
ourselves to people who do not love us but who will eventually leave us. They are not committed to us in any way. Yet we provide them with goods and services. Without any affection or sincere emotion sex is a business deal with a whole bunch of rules.

On paper the benefits to a friends with benefit situation would be relationships void any emotional attachments. I would say sex at your leisure but what if they are busy then you are left to your own device. So really for this ideal situation to work you have to have a backup plan. Meaning another FWB, cant put all your eggs in one basket. In other words you get the benefits of a relationship without that nagging word commitment looming over your heads like a lingering storm cloud. This is a form of
settling think about it why are you inclined to this type of situation. Why are you drawn to them, why are you willing to stay with them when you know you want more? How do you feel about your self esteem and self worth? Value your body as a temple; are you treating it that way? Do you only allow worth people to enter your temple? Was the last person that entered really worthy of that gift?

Damn, some serious food for thought especially that last one. Was that person worthy of your gift? See the things is we have become to complacent with the whole friends with benefits situation. We have thrown both caution and commitment to the wind. We are
basically fumbling in the dark trying not to knock anything down. Blind leading the blind. Seriously think about it for a minute when did it start becoming ok for someone to arrive at your
doorstep for just sex. The less you know about them the better off you both are would not want to connect in any way other than physically. There are so many rules you have to follow. It is like walking on a field of landmines blindly going where no fool has gone before. Simply put it is a recipe for disaster. Rules are meant to be broken so you know there are many variables for exceptions in a friend with benefits situation.

At the end of the day a lot of people caught up in this situation half of the people want a relationship while the other half are running scared from the idea of a commitment. Think about how many of you or someone you know has been a friend with benefit where there was an undeniable chemistry and rather than let the flames roar you let it dissipate by smothering it with fear of a title or to reiterate an earlier point commitment. You want the benefits without the responsibility of being a good mate. In a friend with benefit situation you have free range to do what you want to do. You are not even obligated to go on a date. Maybe make dinner, chat, and sip and of course the inevitable sex. It is like damn can we talk and get to know each other before we climb the walls. Maybe I have outgrown being a friend and
undoubtedly want more. Maybe it is the sign of the times. Or more importantly a reality check? Have you had yours today?


One thought on “FWB: What are the benefits?

  1. The benefits are that you can still be friends and have great sex. I was just in that situation and it didn’t become complicated until she started catching feelings. Then she wanted to know everthing I did and everywhere I went.

    Friends with bennies is always the way to go.

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