Am I Worth Following?

Everytime I receive a new e-mail about a new follower I cringe. The question comes to mind am I worth following. I have not blogged since June nor have I did any open mic work since then. I have even contemplated taking down my Twitter page. I feel like such a loser.

I am so sorry to my followers and supporters. I have allowed writer’s block to block me from my love writing. Now I have been cheating on my blog writing for a newspaper on the side. But overall I have been neglecting my baby is pissed. When a woman’s fed up there ain’t nothing you can do about it. I am still very much in love with writing. I think my probolem is fear. Fear of actually succeeding. I have a talent and it is emicated right now. Malnourished by my fear of success. Sometimes you just now and I know writing is my gift. I have always despised people who allow their dream to be deferred and I am turning into one of those people.

Please somebody pray for me that I get out of this rut and find my love again. I have to write through this block. Tears fall as I type because it pains me to let my baby wither away. Writing is my source of therapy. It is what helps me heal. Right now I am on a path of reconnecting with myself focusing on me and my needs. It feels to write completely off the top typing exactly what I am thinking. Damn it feels good to be writing again. I want to say thank you to those who kept pushing me to come back to you my love. Thank you to @sunnydelyte21 and @stbceo for helping me find my way back. You two area constant source of inspiration and motivation for me. Without you I would be lost so thank you.  Thank you to all my followers and blog supporters I feel the love and it is motivating me in the right direction. Inspiring me to push through and if I have to write what I feel in the moment don’t try to run from it write through it. Special shoutout to powerful inspirational messages. Shaheed I always respect the fact you want to see people do their best and always strive for more than complancency. Gotta add you to the blogroll. Alright thank you all for your support. I’m out.


4 thoughts on “Am I Worth Following?

  1. I know the feeling. I’ve been neglecting my blog and twitter followers too. I definitely have been experiencing writers block and I’m trying to get past it. For me, I’ve had so much going on in my life these past few months that I just had little desire to write. But I do long to write, now I’m just trying to find my way back to the place I was once in.

    How are things coming along for you? Are you finding your way through your writer’s block?

    • I am just writing through it even if I have to write about feeling blocked. I like you have been going through a lot but think about this a top blogger like endured losing his job during the infancy stage of his blogging and still blogged despite that. If we want this we have to push past everything standing in our way including us. Step aside when you get a thought like told me write it down whether on your BB, a journal, whatever write it down. Every moment is destined for a great blog entry.

      • Thank you!!! That’s what I needed to hear and that is what I need to do. Push through. Keep writing. Thank you for the clarity. It means a lot.

  2. Awww you love me!!

    My Motto: Pen + Paper = Me! I love writing and if I’m not writing I’m reading and/or thinking.

    We all go thru writer’s block…but it passes. Just write whats in your head and then it come back. Writing is my therapy and my readers and commentors help me heal and grow.

    Best of luck!

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