Jump-off: Could you be one?

Could you be a jump-off? One night I am sitting at home the phone rings it is an old friend. He asked me to come over I hesitated because I know his girl lives with him. He informs me I am more than welcome to come over. I thought about how much drama that would bring and declined. That is when he informed me that she had moved out the previous night. I could not help but think what type of woman does he think I am to come over and stay the night so soon after she barely vacated the premises. Damn! He must think I am a jump-off.

Now before I get on my high horse and act both appalled and shocked by his audacious request let me do a serious reality check. This old flame has always had a girlfriend and it never seemed to matter much to me. How dare I act offended? I would have him over several times during the night. Often times he would show up unannounced and I would allow such egregious acts to take place. Ladies a lot of times we play the role of the jump-off and we excuse that it is just sex we are getting our needs met and that is that. Whether he has a girlfriend or not you could still be a jump-off. He doesn’t call you on the weekends or certain times at night. Or he only calls you late-night hours or holidays you spend by yourself without a clue to his whereabouts maybe you get that infamous holiday text. The broadcast message everybody gets. He doesn’t take you on any dates the two of you are never seen in public together. He knows all about you yet you know nothing about him. Chances are you are a jump-off. I am speaking from experience. I will boldly say that is the girl I used to be not the woman I have grown into.

I have played the jump-off role a time or two and as I previously explained most of the time he did not have a girlfriend. Though still damaging the times I dated a man with a girl was rare. Now that does not make my behavior excusable just simply stating the facts. I was a jump-off and I had no regard for anyone not even myself.  Thankfully, getting older made me see it was time to change my wayward ways.

I do not date much like I used to. I barely go on dates at all. I am in the process of discarding those toxic people out of my life. I have changed and I love seeing the beauty that stands before me. She loves and values herself. Sex is no longer a weapon against me. I have seen the light and now I am basking in the glory of letting go the past and moving happily into my future.


3 thoughts on “Jump-off: Could you be one?

  1. I’m glad to hear that you have grown throughout the years. That is what life is all about…Progress. You deserve to be respected and treated like a queen. As you realized that has to start with you knowing and understanding that yourself. Then others will follow suit. I’m proud of you.

  2. This is very true. I am not sure if women can’t tell or they just are in denial! Either way, here are some more ways to tell if your a jump off!

    1. You can’t spend the night at his house.
    2. You don’t know any of his real best friends and his family doesn’t know about you.
    3. He doesn’t like to take pictures with you.
    4. He doesn’t spend any holidays with you.
    5. He doesn’t want you to leave any of your belongings at his house or in his car.
    6. You never hang out during the day.

  3. I disagree with some things the love doctor said. Rather you’re a “jump off”, a good friend, or anything else, doesn’t mean that I like you more than anyone else. I’ll take pictures with almost any girl I feel is attractive, that doesn’t mean I like her. You can leave whatever you want in my house because the next girl that comes in won’t care, or atleast she won’t say anything to me about it. I can hang out with you at 4:00 pm, bright sun, and still not give a flying **** about you. You can spend the night, who cares, it’s still sex. The only reason I’d kick a woman out is if she’s annoying. A lot of women I’ve liked never met my best friend and/or family members. That could be more about schedule conflicts and personal issues more than you just being a jump off. Some women met my friends and fam and I still had sex with them and never talked to them again.

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