Why Lie?

Men lie, women lie numbers don’t. Why lie? Why are so many of us involved in relationships where we have to be less than honest? Or is your punk ass refusing to be honest? Lieing about nonsense I find evidence stating the truth yet you try to dispute it with your incessant lies.  Lies really impact the state of the relationship and follows into future relationships. An ex of mine told me ghe was going to be doing something and I come to his apartment only to find a movie ticket stubs two of them. Like why couldnt he say he was going to the movies. Simple shit! If you lie about the little things you will lie about the major things.

Let me take my jacket off and go hard. Stop lieing all the time. Lieing will get you in trouble. Women and men quit lieing. I am not just going to go in on the fellas. Both sexes need their ass whooped for all this lieing. Carrying on emotional affairs ladies saying he is just a friend I have lunch with knowing you have feelings involved longing for things from him you cannot get from your man at home. Or men you are doing dumb shit hiding your phone taking it with you into the shower. What are you doing dude? What are you hiding? I am not going through your phone nor in need of the password since I trust you. Keep it honest.

The breakdown of the relationship is the result of all this lieing. Lies building weak foundations. That is the real reason why our house is not a home.  Trust has been broken and now our relationship has demised. Your lies killed our relationship and led me to feel insecure. He/she is just a friend who calls at all ours and disrespect your mate yet you don’t correct the situation. Put that “friend” on notice in front of your mate if there is nothing up. Your mate is wiser than you think. Within your actions you lie without the utterance of an untruth.  Stop lieing!

The moral of the story is quit lieing in both your words and actions. People are so selfish in this thing called unconditional love. Selfishly we put limitations on our love so it is condusive to our desire. There is no I in team and you all should work as a team. United we stand and divided you will inevitably fall. Most importantly quit lieing to yourself if that is not where you want to be then advocate for yourself and say love doesn’t live here anymore. Hurting them contiously will only hurt you more. Love was not intended to cause great pain and sadness but bountiful happiness. Keep it honest at all times no matter the cost.


6 thoughts on “Why Lie?

  1. Your right, both men and women need to stop lying. My question to you, who do you think lies more. I would go with the females. The greatest lie ever told was a woman faking an orgasm. Lol

  2. Let me just say, I felt your anger/frustration all up and thru this. Damn! You sure you didnt wanna do a guest post on “Tell’em How U Feel Tuesdays” on my blog site?


    I agree honesty is always good, but in reality some people can’t deal with honesty. I respect honesty..it allows things to move swimmingly.

    Women do lie more but we are better. Men are creatures of habit and once you break routine…we women are on it… plus your lies never sound 100%. We can lie with a straight face and you wont think twice about it.

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