Brink of Extinction: Black Love

Is black love on the brink of extinction? Why are black men and black
women so angry at one another? Where is the love?

Black men are angry at black women saying we are not supportive enough
we simply don’t hold them down. Black women are feeling unloved by black
men feeling hurt by the fact we have to apologize for being successful.
We are so independent we do not need our black men anymore. These
stereotypes have been passed around for so long now that people naively
believe them to be factual findings.

Black women are being threatened that if we do not get it together we
will be replaced with a blond beauty. As if competition among us is not
enough. Black love is being held as a mockery in plenty of social
satire. The single black woman is being scrutinized rather than
embraced. She is an infectious disease that will wipe out any hope of
marriage, family, and black love. She is so bad so let’s just leave her
by herself. Why are we so damn angry?

Why are we allowing outside elements to determine how we interact with
one another? Let’s speak on it have an open forum. Why is black love
dwindling? We stopped communication with one another in the first person
now we have third parties doing the talking for us. We have divided and
conquered ourselves it should be deemed black on black crime. Why do our
men want to pull the race card to get us to act right? If you want a
white woman go and be with her but do not negate that choice by
portraying your choice as a result of what a black woman has done. Man

Black love is becoming a faded picture in a broken glass. It is
steadily moving toward extinction. It goes back to the days of slavery
where the black man was stripped and emasculated in front of his woman
and children. We were taught then that our protector could not even save
himself from harm. How could he be trusted to protect us? It was on that
fateful day we learned we had to fend for ourselves with or without him.
Many of us growing up are a result of single parent home where the
mother in most cases is the breadwinner and accept the sole parenting

She is often strong and relentless in her plight to care for her
children. She is seen caring for her children alone without the help of
any man. This teaches her daughters often a woman has to do it all on
her own without the help of any man. She cannot show support to a man
who is not present. It is instilled in us at any early age to depend
solely on ourselves. Often forgetting to look to the man to be the
provider for he was absent in childhood.

Sons are taught to protect and provide for his family. Yet he is not
taught how to be supportive. For more often than not there is not a male
figure present to display how to be supportive emotionally. We do not
know how to love unconditionally for remnants of black love dissipated
in childhood. We cannot be taught what we do not see.

We are a scarred people collectively both men and women. We do not give
one another enough credit for enduring the struggle and still
maintaining throughout it all. We need to come together versus deeming
one another unlovable. We need each other.


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