None of Your Friend’s Business

Do you allow your friends to call the shots in your relationship? The operative word being

your. Ladies men are fed up with hearing plays from your girlfriend’s playbook. You should be communicating any questions and/or concerns about your relationship with him. Stop having other people running around in your relationships woes. Trust your own judgment and decisions if you are not sure consult your man.

 Simply keep your friends out of your personal business. Misery loves company. Everyone on your team is not there to see you succeed some of them can’t wait to revel in your defeat. Sorry not everyone wants to see you happy. We have to learn to keep our private life private stop telling everything. In a past relationship I was guilty of this it all started with our first disagreement I told my family and friends all about it and every other wrong thing he did. It was so bad I stop inviting him to family and friend functions because with all the info I had given them he would have been uncomfortable to say the least. I have always regretted doing so.


It makes me think of the Ginuwine song “None of Your Friend’s Business” (which I did a dance off of in college but I digress) but if you are telling it all than this statement would be a bit contradictory. Quit man bashing all the time afraid to tell the good he does cause she might want him. Think about this there are a lot of delusional women who would love your dysfunctional man. Keep that in mind. If he is your man then air out your grievances with him. It is none of her business why he is calling you when you just left the house. He might have forgotten his key.


Ladies if you are reading and feeling guilty then you are probably that friend. Take heed and mind your damn business. Stop meddling putting your wack ass sugar in her Kool-Aid and still don’t know the flavor. Men are pissed off and want to say something to you but out of respect for your girl he won’t. Imagine how you would feel if you man’s boys speak ill of you all the time. He never stands up for you and some of them are audacious enough to say it to your face. Just step into his shoes for a minute doesn’t feel so comfortable now does it.


Respect your relationship lady therefore it will prohibit your friends from disrespecting it. Keep in mind your man’s feelings and show some loyalty and respect to him. If you are not happy with him then move on. Bashing him to your friends is a form of cheating on him. You are being dishonorable to your relationship when you sabotage it with your words and actions.


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