Emotionally Unavailable

Ever met a man that knocked you off you feet he was intelligent, ambitious, passionate about life and what it had to offer. Everything seems to fall into place except one area emotionally the most important area of all. Ladies we need to stop drooling over emotionally unavailable men. It is almost as bad as dating a married man. In both senses he is taken and a complete waste of time.

Let me break down what an emotionally unavailable man is he creates barriers between you and him in an effort to avoid emotional intimacy. A relationship with an emotionally unavailable man is often depressing and distressing, as you end up feeling neglected, unloved and unwanted. Emotionally unavailable men will actually seek out relationships with others. The problem arises when they are unable to commit fully to their relationships. Emotionally unavailable men often behave as if they want to be in a relationship, it’s important for people to be able to recognize the signs that a person is emotional unavailable.

So now you are asking me what are the signs that you maybe dating an emotionally unavailable man. Here are four surefire signs of emotional unavailability:

Physically Unavailable- Emotionally unavailable people are difficult to nail down.

Secrecy-When in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man he is often ignorant of large parts of your life. It is as if you are dating an enigma. You don’t know anything about him and he does not care to know much about you.

Otherwise Engaged-He is married or recently separated. Maybe he is dating someone else—desires to date someone else. Or he just got out of a relationship. Whatever the case, someone who is already involved with someone is not likely to be emotionally available to another person.

I will be the first to admit I have a habit of attracting these types of men. In the past I made it all to convenient for them to date me. Never inquired about their personal lives, keep it real simple stuck to the script. We had sex and left it at that. Though in the back of my mind I secretly longed for more. I want to know all about them and their goals I want to revel in their happiness. I want to make them happy. Right now there is a gentleman I am interested in but I know he is emotionally unavailable he just got out of a long-term relationship. Fresh out the box. Normally, that would not be a deterrence I would pursue him anyway and settle for meaningless sex. But now I am in a different, prosperous place. I want to move forward with my life without anymore regrets. I regret ever dating an emotionally unavailable man. It only hurt me in the end.

Ladies let me tell you a cautionary tale. I was dating an emotionally unavailable man for years and I always knew he would never be mine yet I foolishly thought I could convince him otherwise. I gave him four years of my life and never once did he intend to make me his girl. When it all falls down, it falls down hard needless to say things ended pretty badly so bad we didn’t speak or have nay contact for years. It took me a long time to get past that situation now we speak but I know I can never go back. I deserve better than to be someone’s concubine. I went through my phonebook recently and erased all those emotionally unavailable men out of my life. It felt good and when he calls and asks how my kitty kat? I say celibate.


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