Blogger’s Block

Blog, blog, blog. It is time to get it together. I have been trying to write consistently but to no avail. Some weeks are good and some like this one are hard. I could say life is getting in the way but sometimes you have to know when to push life aside and just live. It is time for me to stop playing and learn to invest in me and finally get my laptop and customize my page. I am a worthy investment. I can say that to you but can I really convince myself that is really true.


I have given up on

ME countless of times. It is like I am scared of success. It starts with a dollar and a dream. This one time expense can cause me a lifetime of happiness and peace. I need to facilitate my dream of writing. It feels so good to flow. I am thankful of Trenton N.E.W.S. they help my creative juices flowing. Like Musiq said I just want to sing, I just want to write. I take writing seriously but I have to start getting consistent with my flow. Just write about any and everything no more limitations. I will just allow the words to pour out of me.


I have been stifling by myself by just writing about relationship issues. Which is fine but I know my reader’s would like more of a glimpse of me. So I will allow you all to peer in a little closer. I would also like to open a forum for you to tell me what you would like to see me blog about. What is on your mind? What issues would you like me to tackle? I need more of a dialogue with you guys. I feel a big disconnect.


Therefore I will participate in the 30 day blog challenge for November. This will give you a peak at me and give me time to prepare some material for December. No one not even me will stop my shine from here on out. Feel free to write me about your blogger’s block or anything else that is on your mind. Take care.



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