Say My Name

There is a long story behind my name. The way it is spelled the way it is pronounced. Often I have been told I don’t know how to spell it.

My name is Neisha. When I was born my mother wasn’t sure how she wanted to spell it so she left it up to the doctor. Legally my name is spelled Nisha. I hate that. I was taught to spell it Neisha. I hate signing legal documents with that ugly name Nisha.

My name is of American Indian origin and is a deriative of Niesha. Which is how my name is pronounced and often spelled by others. At work I am Nisha all day at home and everywhere else I am Neisha.

What is in a name? My name in its many variations means independence and represents individualism in Thai. At times I don’t always play the role of Miss Independent and sometimes I roll with the crowd.

Because of all the confusion with my name I was careful to name and spell my daughter’s name ahead of time. One letter rocked my whole world in high school. That omission almost ruined my high school diploma. For 17 years I believed my name is supposed to be spelled Neisha only teachers mispronounced it. Now I have to get my name changed for once and for all.


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