Why I Blog

Blogging was a foreign concept o me. I thought it would be hard at first but once I got the concept down words just poured out of me. I got started because I wanted to write a book about my life. A friend of me named Dino helped m get my start. He suggested I do a relationship blog since there was a niche for that. Originally,  started off wit really long blogs about my dating life. I figured I would use it as a way to repair my disaster dating heal through my readers.

Basically I have lost my way and need to find my way back. So I figure  would just write and let it flow. So many times I have gotten caught up in everyone else’s concept for me. In writing I want to be a free spirit letting my words sit and marinate. So I challenge myself to try adwrite everyday about whatever is on my mind. That way I can fow more freely. Relationship issues will still be my focal point but I will let the reader in more let you get a chance to have more of an intimate connection between my reader and I.

So I will open up the lines of communication write to me and also tell me what you want to read about. I can be reached at loverz.quarrel@gmail.com Open up to me and I will open up t yu.


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