Eyes are talking

So I am walking by yesterday when I catch the eye of a guy I like. I was reaching for something when I caught him looking at me. It was one of those smoldering looks real intent and focused. I wanted to look behind me to find some hot girl instead but she was not there just me. I wanted to look away but his eyes had mine locked.

I am into vibes and looks so I had to know what that look was about. I asked my sis she was clueless so I went to a male friend who would be nothing but honest. He said when a guy looks at you like that it means he wants to sleep with you. At first I was insulted and looking for some profound meaning behind the look like it meant he wanted to explore my mind and find the key to my heart. Don’t laugh I seriously considered it to mean that. But I believe in living in reality. I was insulted because I am not some sex kitten purring all the damn time. I want to be explored mind, body, and soul in exactly that order.

I mean don’t get me wrong it is imperative the one you desire, desires you in a sexual way. But lately as I stated in a previous post this is all it seems men want from me. I am wondering I am giving some sort of vibe. Do I have a lingering scent of lust on me? That has some sort of magnetism that just pulls men in.

But if what my friend says is right then I must be giving off some sort of vibes. This has been a chain reaction I want to be more than someone they bone I want to be the lady they take home to mama. By no means am I saying I have given into to any man and his tempting tantrums. I have been playing fair and not playing into the game. My legs are shut and my eyes are wide open. I am mindful of every glance, word, or action. These are the things I hear when a man is talking to me. I do not have time to get caught up dating an emotionally unavailable man. I hate when a guy says let’s be friends when really he just wants to add another notch to his belt. I refuse to give in to the mayhem meaningless sex brings.

Time to woman up, time to appreciate the sweet nectar, a sweetness that cannot be shared with just anyone who would like a taste. But for the one who knows the recipe for making love to my mind. Your power is between your eyes. For the eyes are the window to the soul. The gatekeepers of the truth.


3 thoughts on “Eyes are talking

  1. I love this post! I have been feeling the same way and have decided to remove the people constantly asking the “Can I hit question?” out of my life.

    But those looks are so confusing… they look sincere but I guess not lol.

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