Limited Love

Why am I not enough? Often we ask ourselves this question when a relationship fails. Why can’t our mate be content with just us?

Ever been a relationship where you gave your all without hesistation? One where you weren’t cheating or keeping secrets. Your love was honest and pure. Yet they lied and cheated despite all your good deeds.

A friend and I were talking about relationships and why does your mate still seek out companionship outside of your relationship. She never cheated always remain true yet somehow he lost respect for their courtship. He would stay out late or oftentimes not come home at all for days on end.

Why did he do that? It completely baffled why do we mess up a sure thing for a meaningless fling. It made me look back on past relationships where I experienced infidelity and often wondered why am I not enough? It is part, a major part of why I am still single. Afraid of not being enough. Afraid of being cheated on.

Commitment seems like a moot point when relationships are based upon weak foundations. Often shrouded in secrecy and full of deceit.

The reason you are not enough is because they have not fully commited to you or your relationship. They are never satisified that is why they cheat. You will never be enough as long as you withstand their madness.

Ever reached your breaking point. Took all you could take. You took so much till it hurt. You began to question your worth instead of theirs. Share your thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “Limited Love

  1. Reading this blog hits home so hard with me. The friend you speak of with the unfaithful mate coming in late or leaving for days, has me looking in the mirror. I was that woman trying to stay with someone that obviously dint respect me nor themself. Hurt that I allowd myself to be stepped on all for what? To have a man in. My bed or around that doesn’t really want to be I don’t know what’s worse settling or the mental abuse of it all! Is it really that bad to be alone and happy? I think once we come to that place of content. A “predator” as I call them will not have a chance in hell!

  2. I think we all get to that point…wondering what did we do wrong. Or why weren’t we enough.

    Some get stuck in the mind frame…while others realize it wasn’t was the other person. Either they weren’t ready for a real relationship..or they are just plain selffish.


    Good Post tho…

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