Object of my Rejection

Battle of the Sexes:

Who handles the issue of rejection better men or women? Which sex handles hearing the word no in stride? Let’s get this week’s Battle of the Sexes question underway.

Ladies seem to think when a man doesn’t want them they question his sexuality. Yes they sink that low. Or, he does not want me he must be gay. They never think to outside the box their ego has them trapped in that he is simply not interested. Some of us walk around as we are God’s greatest creation and men should be waiting for us to bestow the title of our man on him.

Sometimes our egos suffocate us to the point where we can not inhale good sense. Every woman is not for every man and vice versa. Confidence is sexy but conceit is hideous. Sometimes we think he is somehow inadequate in some way and that is why he is not stepping to us. How jaded is that? Get over yourself he just doesn’t want you and acting like that will make him not like you more.

Now men you guys take a different approach some of you are ignorant enough to defame us by calling us filthy names if we don’t answer your beck and call. Now when I walked past you initially I was sexy and the minute I decline your proposal now I have to be a bitch. Now I will admit although this is a nasty approach guys usually dismiss you as soon as those nasty words leave his lips.

He doesn’t usually let it linger and take a hit to his ego. He takes it in stride and moves on to the next woman passing by. Personally, I feel men take it a little better than we do. We become consumed by the rejection and allow the pain from it to scab up and turn into a scar that never leaves us. I will be the first to admit I do not handle rejection well. Unlike, most women in my case I take it as a personal attack on me. I would feel that I was somehow unworthy of a man because one dismissed me. It took me awhile to understand that sometimes the person you like doesn’t like you back.

Ladies and gentleman stop making fools of yourselves when someone turns you don’t. Don’t waste time slandering them for it makes you look worse and your potential mate may be watching in the wings and get turned off by the behavior. We act like spoiled children when things did not go our way. That is how many of us act when we hear the word no.

Do/don’t you handle rejection well? How does the word no sound to you? Share your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Object of my Rejection

  1. Wow! Look at you gyrl. You are batting .1000 this year. You are definitely off to a great start. Another amazing topic that challenges us readers to think.

    Personally, I think different people take rejection differently. Yes, gender plays a role, but I don’t think it is as substantial as personal experiences and self esteem.

    This is a great topic. I would really like to do a dual commentary with you. Would you be interested? If so please email me. Thanks and keep up the great work!

      • Let’s do it! Send me an email. Feel free to pick a topic you would like to discuss and we can determine a time that we can get on skype and have our discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.

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