Cultural Clash

I was having a conversation with a friend and she mentioned something about how this guy we knew only dated women within his African culture. I was wondering was this discrimination against African American women. Was he in fact being racist?

Many people I learned that are not of American descent prefer to date within their culture. They may date outside of it occasionally but they marry within. I was hurt when I heard this because I enjoy dating men of all culture backgrounds indiscriminately. I shuddered at the thought that they may not be as receptive as me. I thought by him making this conscious effort he was limiting his love and not loving unconditionally.

Now I will admit I have a preference as of late of dating African men. Now I wonder if we were still together would marriage been a potential option. It takes me back to a time where a friend of mine confessed his feelings for me. He wanted to be with me yet he was with someone else. I took it in stride even when someone told me Italians don’t marry black girls. I thought if they are in love why not.

Love is indiscriminate of race right, or is it? I have successfully maintained my adamant position of dating strictly black men. I am scared to dive into a Spanish man let alone a Caucasian man. Why is my love so racist? Black love reigns supreme despite my many pitfalls I refuse to betray my race and step outside the color line. Rather stick to the evil I know so well. Yet I don’t part my lips to say anything when I see a brother date a Spanish or White woman although, in my mind he is a traitor. Racism is so prevalent even in the most sacred love. We allow society to dictate where our alliance shall lie. Even when we have sense enough to know we should explore other options.

Prayerfully we do not pass on these idiosyncrasies to our future generation. We must teach them that love knows no bounds. Nor any race. The only color is sees is the color of life and happiness. Are you racist? Do you believe one love pertains to just your culture or your race? Share your thoughts below.


7 thoughts on “Cultural Clash

  1. I must admit my dick is a little racist. I only check for my chocolate sistas! I’m working on it though. I strive to open up to the United Nations. For 2011, my goal is to sling, equal opportunity Dick! lol

    Gotta be politically correct this year.

    • I know I am def racist. Strictly chocolate with a sprinkle of light chocolate. But def always a brother. I have this complex about chicken. Lol, I need dark meat. I am trying to get over it. Teach myself to embrace other races. We will see how this project goes I will keep you posted.

  2. My family is West Indian/Spanish and I know there was certainly a racial preference in the older generation to marry within the West Indian/Spanish circle. My generation (first generation born in the U.S.) has brought a plethora of “Americans” into the family. It seems for the older generation that traveled to the States from other countries finds marrying within their same culture to be comforting; they feel welcomed and understood. My generation doesn’t have that concern as much because we have been “Americanized.”

    Excellent post.

  3. I was always being accused of being color struck. I would only date people who were light like me. It was that I wouldn’t date any other type of men… but I always ended up with a dude that was mixed (pick one…puerto rican, dominican/trini…etc.).

    I would date who every attracts me at the time..I’m an “equal opportunist” LOL

    Good Post!

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