Shut Up and Take It!

Just shut up and take a compliment! Stop self-sabotaging when someone says something nice about you. If she says your sweater is cute say thank you and move on. Don’t let it marinate and say this old thing. Otherwise people will not want to give you a compliment.

This weekend I decided it was time to strip. Strip down to the barest essence of me. So I took my daughter and my matted hair to the shop. I am telling you they worked a miracle on me. My hair is longer and healthier than it was. I promised to return in two weeks. So today at work a woman complimented me on my hair saying how long and healthy it looked. I could have just said thank you but not self-conscious me I said I was surprised since it was so damaged that it came out nice. I took a hit at my own self. No one likes a pessimist.

I wish I could just shut and take it. I deserve a compliment and by saying thank you I am not being conceited, for confidence allows my true beauty to shine. Self-conscious is an ugly garment to wear. No matter how much you push up it will always bring you back down. My low self-esteem permeates through my soul and pierces through all those who encounter me. Why can’t I just be proud of who I am. Why do I have to point out my flaws when given a compliment? Damn, just shut up and take it.

When people used to call me ugly I used to run home crying. Now when people call me pretty I swear they are just being nice. That word is not genuinely meant for my ears to ever hear. Truth is I am still stuck in the ugly duckling phase and cannot seem to shake it. Insecurity seems to be a place of contention for me. She is my best friend every chance I get I downplay myself. Why can I not accept my beautiful attributes?

I am hoping I can remain naked and be beautiful without my weave. Strip myself of any camouflage and allow my true beauty to shine. I look in the mirror sometimes and just stare to see if I look pretty and the longer I look the uglier I get. It is almost as if I do not want to be beautiful. Yet I tell my daughter she is beautiful everyday. Compliment her regularly. Teach her to say thank you when someone says something nice about her and repay them with her beautiful smile.

If I were talking to you I would say you are beautiful deal with it. Accept it. Yet I could not convince myself to believe that for it sounds like nonsense to me. Can you take a compliment? Are you more welcoming of insults then compliments? Share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Shut Up and Take It!

  1. I sometimes find myself doing that when I get a compliment! But for the most part I always just say thank you. I did used to have a friend though that was very beautiful and stylish, but when given a compliment would always have something negative to say. Sometimes she would not even wait for a compliment and just say something like do you think this hairstyle makes my forehead look big or whatever she may have been speaking about. I could never understand her when she did that. She has even said that she thinks that when people, men expecially compliment her, it is only because they want something from her or that they were only just saying it. If a random guy told her she was pretty she would then talk about it all day and say do you really think that he thought I was pretty. It became really sickening and almost pathetic. I never really was sure if it had to do with her self esteem or if she just wanted attention. I think it was a little bit of both. Woman need to realize that we all are beautiful for what we have in ourselves! Any man or woman will find you attractive or a good person no matter what you think you look like. WE all need to love ourselves more and let our beauty shine.

    • I could kinda understand her when you said this: “She has even said that she thinks that when people, men expecially compliment her, it is only because they want something from her or that they were only just saying it.”

      Becuz that’s how I feel sometimes… idk why though but maybe self esteem plays a part in that. But I know I’m pretty…so I’m a lil confused.

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