Sisterly Love

Can’t we all just get along? No we can’t. Jealousy and hatred breeds content. We want to ridicule and tear down one another. We have bought into the crabs in a bucket mentality.

As I sit under the dryer I wonder why my sistas don’t love me. Why don’t we love each others sistas. Why can’t I walk into a room looking fly? Don’t I have a right to be fabulous. According to some of y’all I don’t. I am not allowed to be cute I must my ugly ass in a corner and be ignored all night so that you and only you must shit. Girl please!

I will not apologize for being me. If you don’t like it then leave. I hate those knowing glances when you first walk into a room full of women you don’t know smiling saying hi and their hateful glances fly at you like darts riddling you with their insecurities and jealousy. Ladies I am fed up and it is time to Woman Up! Accept the fact we are all fabulous. Deal with it. Yes sometimes a woman will walk into a room and captivate even you. Don’t hate let her shine. You don’t know her story or what she is going through that shine may save her life. Don’t kill it with your menacing thoughts.

In other words stop tearing each other down. We are passing the negativity to our baby girls. Pay a compliment and you too will reap the benefits. It is so uncomfortable to have people spouting filth about you and they barely know your name. It is like damn can I be sexy. Can I have my sunshine without your raindrops? Seriously, this happened to me recently. I was so uncomfortable and wanted to leave I couldn’t enjoy myself.

Enough already we have to cease fire and put an end to all this in-fighting. It is unbecoming of a lady. Again Woman Up and check yourself at the door when you come in. Ask yourself do I want to be a lover or a hater.

Have you walked into a room and found yourself being targeted through no fault of your on? Share your thoughts below.


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