The Bad Side of Being A Good Girl

Are you tired of being a good girl? Tired of being told you can do no wrong. Men put you on a pedestal so high you will crumble if you ever slip off. The epitome of perfection.

All my life I have been labeled a good girl. Always dutiful and obedient never wanting to diminish my good name. Whenever I date someone he always says you are my good girl.

Well I am hear to say good girls have a wild side. Finally I said it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. People tend to hold you in such esteem they tend to forget you are human. They immoralize you as an asexual being. Your sexual identity doesn’t exist. If it does surface you are to be submissive and oblige him sexually never tending to your wants and needs.

When I first started having sex I was selfless. Selfless to a flaw never thinking of what I want always aiming to please him and only him. It was only through self love and practice I learned what I desired. Once I began to discover what I wanted and needed he would balk at me you freak. Freak has always had a negative connotation for me. Since that word tarnished my good girl image. The name I held for long just dissipated with the utterance of that one word.

Since that day I feel like I am fighting to be a good girl which is proving to be a losing battle. I am a woman not good or bad just a woman. Take me as I am or have nothing at all.

Do you want to shed the sting of a good girl image? Do you just want to be human again? Share your thought below.


2 thoughts on “The Bad Side of Being A Good Girl

  1. I have never had the good girl image…people always thought I was bad. People think I’m this big freak until the get to that point with me…I’m human I enjoy what I do and I’m no more freaky then the next…

    well maybe a little..

  2. Nothing wrong with being a good girl and something else. I always think people should portray positive images. Just make that a conscious effort and do whatever after that LOL

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