Intellectually Infatuated

Let me tell you about a man that seduces me and gives me chills with his mental. When I dream of him it is always a conversation when he entices me with his words. It doesn’t hurt that my almond eyes can’t help but notice what a sexy specimen he is in my mental lab.

He is so well-versed and knowledgeable in so many areas. My eyes get excited watching his lips form the words my heart loves to hear. I am a nerd at heart and intellectual stimulation is what revives me when I feel drained.

I am in love with his brain his sexy smile doesn’t go unnoticed either. I can’t do this it is torture instead of writing I would rather be engaging in a match of wits. Around him I can flex without having to dumb it down. Big words motivate not intimidate him. Did I mention we share the same sign? Irrelevant fact I know but I felt the need to point that out.

Interacting with him is difficult I try to keep my composure. Trying to keep it together without bursting at the seams. His demeanor is so sexy too. He is very private and keeps a level headed no matter what. No one would dare say they have seen him sweat. My attraction to him is so strong almost to powerful to bear. What turns me on is that I fantasize about him mentally the sexual never comes into play. That mental gives me sustenance. I swear sex might ruin my fantasy get in the way of things.

Often I say I want a man who challenges me mentally. That is what sexy looks like to me. I just love to listen to him without interruption. I want someone I could listen to for hours. Now that is sexy. Someone that shoves me out my comfort zone. Yanks my hand and take me somewhere I would have never thought to journey to.

If I could have such a man I do not know if I could handle all that I want. For now I will allow my thoughts to ruminate on that great possibility. Don’t count me out. If we don’t ever work out at least our conversations will make both my heart and mind runneth over. Hershey kiss this is dedicated to you!

Do you have someone who simply drives you wild and covers you with curiosity and wonder of what if? Share your thoughts below.


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