I Am Not My Hair Pt. 2

Seriously considering cutting my hair. Tired of perming it, burning it with a curling iron, pin curling only for most of the curls to come out straight, rocking some lazy ponytail, getting my hair done only for it to stay for the one day I am in the shop and I am fed up it is no fun can’t put weave in it cause it takes my hair out. Fed up I need a resolution.

These are my confessions. I am past the point of pissed off. I have shed tears over this it is that deep. What is the sense in having hair that is unmanagable. My budget does not stretch enough for me to be in someone’s chair every two weeks only to have fabulous hair for a day. I perm it burning my natural essence to get it bone straight only to grow bored of that. I hide behind my weave and wigs because I keep coming to the same conclusion it is time to cut this problem out of my hair…literally.

I have been contemplating this for years. I want to take some scissors and get rid of this mess and start fresh. Just strip my hair live it baren so I can do something with it. I want to feel sexy like in my own hair like I did in this pic.

Of course as always it lasted while I was in the shop and long enough for me to take a pic. I have had long hair all my life it has been my comfort my staple. I am going through a lot right now and I feel my comfort zone needs to be rocked to the core. I need to shake things up to get me back on track.

Cutting my hair will be a sign of change for me. It will solidify my liberation from buying into others perception of me. I have had short dos before courtesy of either a cap or a wig and I loved felt so sexy and free no more chains holding me.

I said at 30 I would cut it but I was not serious. It is now a year later I think it is time to follow through. This is not a rebellious act rather an emotional makeover. Long hair has been my crutch since forever. I only wanted it because it seemed like that was what I was supposed to do. Well I have grown tired of being average and mundane time to shake things up.

Have you ever felt bogged down by your hair? What did you do to release the shackles? Share your thoughts below.


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