Prince and the Pauper

Are you brave enough to be boyfriend #2? I am sitting here listening to Pandora and I have heard Boyfriend #2 play another time and I cannot help this song is a big contradiction. Most men want to be the prince not the pauper. They want to be the entree not the side dish. Why would any man want to be second in command? It goes back to the concept that men aren’t as emotionally inept as they claim to be.

Now I am speaking from the heart on this one. I had someone in my life that I cared for deeply even thought he was my soulmate. Yet no matter how many years I gave or tears I shed he would never commit to me. I decided I deserved more and I moved on. Although I met someone new I could not shed my feelings for the ghost of love past and continued to see him on the side. Initially, he found the situation to be alluring and challenging. He became fascinated with taking me from my man and I toyed with the idea too. But we both knew I was not going anywhere.

Like I said at first he seemed cool with the situation but then I started pulling away and wanting to be around my man more and more he became incensed and said I was here first. I wanted so badly to say I have never been a priority so why should you be.  I felt karma came back to bite him in the ass and deservingly so might I add. I truly did love him more than my boyfriend but my boyfriend offered something he didn’t a relationship and unconditional love. We continued on this way and he would do bold things like call my phone when he knew I was with my boyfriend. He was starting trouble I knew he couldn’t handle being boyfriend #2. 

Men often claim to be emotionally detached in situations like this it is always us the women who become caught up in a rapture called tainted love. It is tainted because it is not pure love.  The love the two share is false because it is shared with the heart of another. Men on the side detest this place and often do not stay in their lane. They always want more time and attention. They cannot accept the precious moments you give them sparingly. They are often all in your phone, text messages and e-mails inquiring who you are corresponding with when they are not around. Bad enough they have to share you with him.

Don’t get me started on replacing them be careful they may threaten to burn your house down or try to start a fight with their over zealous ego. To the left may prove distratrous in the end. In my experience it is a big headache not worth it just stay or leave your man altogether before you delve into this world. Not to mention what if your man finds out about your man on the side. He will be none too happy.

Trust me I have felt the backlash of a situation like this. Neither of you are ready for this so just sit back and think long and hard before proceeding. Have you ever been the man on the side? Are you a woman with a shorty on the side? How did that turn out? Share your thoughts below.


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