Have you ever been told you think you are all that? I heard this all through my pre-pubscent and adolescent years. I always have been a smart girl. Always on the honor roll at the top of my class. Yet I always felt like I needed to apologize for my success. People did not understand that I wanted to be great. Why should I have to apologize for my goals?

Growing up some of my peers felt like I had an inferiority complex. They felt that I felt I was better than them. Now on the surface they had it better I came from a large family and you had to share things. I never had my own room or the latest gear. But what I did have was knowledge and I loved having it. As much as I loved having it I love to share it even more. Therein lied the problem people around me felt like I thought were dumb. I never thought they were dumb although ignorance is a form of stupidity. Moving on I could relate to some of my peers but most just left me in a corner to rot.

They just did not get me sometimes  detested being smart. I realize now you should never have to dumb yourself down for anyone. Be yourself. Peers would verbally attack me saying you think you are all that. No wonder why I confuse conceit and confidence. I was always confident in my academic studies. There was never an arrogant bone in my body no matter how much I excelled. Thankfully, I am comfortable in my academic skin. I am intelligent plain and simple. If you do not like it oh well it sucks for you. I have accepted my intelligence and refuse to settle for a dummy. If he cannot relate to my “big words” then it is on to the next.

I use big words and I have a big brain that is so sexy. I love to talk about different topics and I am well-versed in many areas. Another thing please stop saying that “I talk like a White girl” how ignorant and racist is that. I speak with intellect and am confident in doing so. Tired of apologizing for being me bad enough I don’t feel pretty don’t take intellect away from me too. Now I am going to say the four words I have always wanted to say:  I AM ALL THAT

Man that felt good wish I could scream it from a rooftop if I was not so afraid of heights. I am slowly regaining my confidence in me. Granted it is a slow process but it will happen slowly but surely.

Do people demand that you apologize for being you? Share your thoughts below.


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