It is time to bring back the Battle of the Sexes series. Every Wednesday I will post a question and let’s see which sex you side with.

Battle of the Sexes:

Which sex is more forgiving when it comes to cheating men or women? When men cheat it seems that women tend to be more forgiving although it is highly unlikely they forget. When women cheat men visualize the infidelity to the point where he has to end things based on irreconciable differences. Even when it comes to emotional cheating it cuts just as deep as cheating physically to men.

I posed the question on FB which sex infidelity is less forgiving women it seemed did it with careful planning and thoughts of repruccusions. Men however exhibit poor impulse control and spontaneously choose to cheat and often get caught for their sloppy behavior. Ladies we need to be ashamed we rationalize his cheating equating it to something lacking on our part. In his eyes we cheated period there is no rhyme or reason for it. When we get our disloyalty is heightened by the fact we gave away something sacred that was only meant for his hands to hold and cherish.

Men are more devasted by women cheating because you let someone have what was his. It does not seem fair but ladies we cannot do what he does and have the same results. When I told someone my ex cheated on me they asked me what wasn’t I doing? What did I do to make him stray? The word appalled does not begin to describe my reaction to the question. I mean how about he was a cheater plain and simple I played my part but he got greedy and wanted more. Like a dutiful woman I forgave him and actually started contemplating where I went wrong? Why wasn’t I enough? I ruminated on these questions for quite some time. I let the thoughts linger even after we broke up when I saw them together. I actually thought somehow she was a better woman than me.

Typically, we women are more forgiving than me it is almost innate, we are nurturing and want to care for him despite his bad actions. Although, I must admit there are some of us that have a zero tolerance policy for cheating. Society has made us believe we should forgive our men I mean look at all these temptations out there he is so powerless to submit to his lustful ways. We need to get like Elin and bounce out of there. We need to show our men that we are not having it and there cheating is unacceptable.

Ladies when we cheat it is unforgivable. We wear a scarlett letter and they stone us with there words. They cannot phanthom how we could have commited such an egregious act. Often we are blacklisted and deemed unlovable in their eyes. Now they can creep till the cows come home and still have a place to stay. Our cheating is grounds for an immediate eviction.

Cheating on both parts should be unacceptable. But let’s be realistic it is often tolerated and there is a double standard men can cheat but women cannot. We are held to a higher esteem and held to a place of virtue. If our man is not pleasing us we should get over it and understand that we are to satisfy him. For his needs are more important than ours. Since men are visual creatures they need constant stimulation if we cannot meet their standard then we need to step aside when he decides to step out look the other way so to speak.

A lot of marriages have been held together by the weak concept of looking the other way. Well ladies it is time to turn a blind eye anymore. If he cheats on you and you turn a blind eye he will re-offend. Plain and simple. Do you think women cheating is the end of the world? Share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Unforgiven

  1. Women are more forgiving of cheating and they should be. It is unnatural for a man to have only one woman. I’m not saying it is right for a man to do so, but by design, that’s how we are built.

    A man can have many children by many women at one time. A women can only have a child by one man at one time. Women are built to nurture and support. Men are built to hunt.

    It takes much for a man to be faithful and it is easy for us to fail in that.

    Don’t shoot me….I’m just the messenger.

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