F%$# Your Feelings!

Do you care what other people think? Does it come into play everytime you make a decision? I tend to ruminate on the thoughts of other more often than not. I CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. EVERY MOVE I MAKE I WONDER HOW YOU WILL FEEL. I am done. To hell with your feelings. You don’t think about me and how your decisions impact me. Before I continue this post is not targeted to any one person actually it is a post I have been meaning to write for quite sometime. Opinions are like a#$@!%^s and everybody has one.

Tired of people and their unsolicited advice. I have decided to invest in me. It is time to invest in my dream writing so finally I have started putting money to my dream. Dreams are not free. First, I had some flyers done up to promote my open mic nights and my blogs. It was a great confidence booster. Then, I sat back and thought what my next move would be so I decided it was time I broke down and got a laptop. This was a tortured decision I went back and forth with it many times had the money then spent it on something else. But the thought of not having one truly bothered me. My thoughts were ruminating on when would be the right time to purchase one. The prices kept falling but I kept putting it off. I talked it over with a friend and he suggested I wait to purchase one because the holiday was approaching. So I waited impatiently, I had this compulsive need to buy one. But divine intervention occured and I was forced to wait. I found a quality one for a very inexpensive price I mapped out how much it would be for internet costs and had a set price I was willing to pay. I wound up paying less because it was $100 off and the modem was free with a contract. I paid less then I expected to me this was a good sign.

After I purchased my laptop I became sad what was my family and friends going to think. They will think I acted impulsively and not understand my purpose. Just as I expected alot of people did not understand. It hurt me to hear some of their harsh criticisms but today I decided F%$# your feelings. I am done with caring about how anyone feels about this or any other situation. Time to stop trying to prove myself. I made a good decision for me and it is not for anyone else to understand. I am proud of what I did because I planned it out carefully every move was calculated. I did something for me and it felt good. Now I can be more consistent with my blog and write whenever the spirit moves me.

It feels so good to be free. Have you ever made a good decision that others thought was bad? Did you let their criticisms get you down? Share your thoughts below.


5 thoughts on “F%$# Your Feelings!

  1. First, wow!!

    I don’t think family & friends were against you buying the laptop…they were considered with other things but hey you bought it so there it is.

    You made a decision so that’s thats.

    • I don’t want my family and friends not to care I just want them to understand I did this for me with no regrets. Tired of explaining and worrying what others will think. Don’t want to get stuck trying to live for everybody else.

  2. I feel the same way, we have to invest in ourselves, otherwise who will? And in the end, do you want to have regrets for things you should have done and didn’t because of what other people felt or said? Hell no! Live your life and love it.
    I enjoy your writing!!

  3. Seriously, you want to be a writer… You have a blog… You are developing a possible carrier here.. Why wouldn’t you invest in it? Wouldn’t you be crazy not to? Biblically (story of the talents), We are to invest our talents and put them out there so they can grow in value. You felt the pressure to buy this tool because, without it you were in sin.. Making it hard for God to bless you…

    Anyway, you are an adult. You make your decisions. You deal with the consequences. Others comments should be nothing more than an invitation to consider looking at your situation in a different light. Nothing more, and you CAN accept or decline.

    People who expect their words to be seen more than that need to be informed of this truth, this fact. We can do this respectfully, but it must be done. Then, we will really be able to enjoy each others’ company.

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