Best Friends and Boyfriends

What part should your friends play in your relationship if any part at all? Ladies we are notorious for shelling out way too much information pertaining to our girlfriends about our boyfriends. Letting them know all the sorid details. Especially, when things are not going right we convince ourselves we are venting but really we are gossiping about our own business. Relationships should have a privacy clause that no outsider can infiltrate.

Ladies I will be the first to admit that what goes on in my house does not stay there. Of course I do not dish out the bedroom secrets for they are confidential. But I will dish out any and everything else. I guess you would say I do not have much loyalty to my man and our relationship. I have decided in my next relationship I will play it close to my heart and take my own advice. For no one truly knows what my struggle is.

Keeping things private should enable the lines of communication in a relationship to remain open and you all open minded. Your man should be your best friend. In true fashion we do not tell our girls’ business to our man, well in most cases anyway. It makes one question where does your loyalty lie? Most of the time when you are babbling to your girls it is always the bad things he does you never think to tell them the good cause they might want him too. This puts your man in a negative light in their eyes. I remember my last relationship where my boyfriend and I had a disagreement and I put our business out there and he was not welcomed at get togethers and any other events yet he invited me to all his. Once you let them in they are always in your business that is.

Ginuwine said it best “It’s none of your friends business”.  Often times they think they know your man better than you. Often in their eyes he is beyond redemption even if you have decided to forgive him for an infraction. Stand up for your man and your relationship by keeping matters of the heart private. There is a certain amount of admiration and respect for those that respect their relationship enough to keep it private. They always have an air of mystery always leaving us wanting more.

Girlfriends stop being so damn nosy always wanting details if she is upset about something just listen do not use this as an attempt to pump her for information. There is something unattractive about those who get caught up in details all the time. It makes you wonder what type of life they lead if they are always living vicariously through yours.

Ladies we have to draw a thick line of loyalty for both our man and our friends. Best friends and boyfriends should be separate but loyalty should be equal. In other words respect them both equally do not blab one’s business to the other. Gossipmongers are not only ugly spirits but people that despise what you have.

Don’t be one who despises your own happiness. Play the love game with your heart close to the chest and not on your sleeve. Stop being so damn predictable to your girlfriends. You cannot point out to them every ebb and flow of your relationship. For it truly is none of their business. Do you reveal confidental information about your relationship to your girls? Do your man and best friend have tension among them because of you? Share your thoughts below.


8 thoughts on “Best Friends and Boyfriends

  1. You better quit telling your girlfriend’s all your business. Your girlfriend’s will get curious and want to see for themselves.

    The best way to grow one’s stable is to have first hand referrals. I don’t have to self myself if you are doing all the marketing for me.

    First time reader…..Liking it so far…

    • Thank you so much! In the past I was the blabber mouth girlfriend but I have learned you have to keep must not let outsiders invade your block including girlfriends.

  2. I think so women share it without the girlfriends wanting to know. I have a few friends like that.

    I agree that when you only tell the bad, the girls tend to push him in that “he aint shit” list.

    Bedroom business is a no no, that’s why friends fuck each other’s men…ad vice versa…they wanna know if what you say is true.

    Good Post!

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