Male vs Female: Obedient Jump-Off

Battle of the Sexes: Which sex makes the better jump-off male or female? According to Urban Dictionary male jump-offs only exist in the jump-off female’s head. So I guess the better question is which sex follows the rules of being a jump-off more? First, of all lets state the unisex rules of being a jump-off:

1. You are not the main person so do not even attempt to assume the position.

2. No you cannot get time on major holidays, Yes you can see me the day after.

3. Do not go through my phone ever who I call or text is none of your damn business you are just a jump-off.

4. Never question what I do, cause you need me baby and I don’t need you. Always remember that.

5. Gifts are welcome but don’t expect them in return.

6. All threats will be taken seriously and immediate grounds for dismissal.

7. Hell no you cannot meet my family or friends, my mate already did that.

8. Don’t get too familiar you can be replaced in the twinkle of an eye.

9. I am a free agent unless my girl/guy asks.

10. No kissing whatsoever!

Now that we have established some minor yet basic rules let’s move on. Females are more inclined to be dutiful and obedient to their “man” while men to feel less inclined to respect a woman’s relationship especially when she isn’t respecting it. Men are more demanding of time and attention. They tend to be more likely to threaten blackmail confront your man since they will never tolerate being the man on the side. Now I am not saying women won’t protest and blackmail you. Yet in my experience men tend to make more of a fuss.

Let’s be for real when you have sex with someone you always leave your mark. When two people have sex at least one walks away with feelings and it is not always the woman. Keep in mind a man told me that. So that whole theory about them pulling out and taking out their feelings is a crock. Keep in mind he threatned to burn my house down not the other way around. When it is over , it is over let’s leave it at that. Men want you to leave your man and actually want to fight him they never want to stay in their damn lane. Big head whiny babies!

Men please get it together. Ladies do you have any jump-off rule breakers? Share your thoughts below. Be careful ladies he may be reading or if you don’t care be bold then.


6 thoughts on “Male vs Female: Obedient Jump-Off

  1. No women desires to be a jump off but we put ourselves in this postion thinking that my junk is so good he’ll leave his significant other and when they don’t the jump off looses there mind and breaks all the rules. My advise is never put your self in a postion you may regret later. It might be fun in the begining but at the end you’ll have nothing to show for all that time wasted.

    • We don’t want to be yet we settle. When we are sick and tired of being alone we settle. We settle, for someone else’s man because we are too stupid to see we are worthy of our own man.

  2. If any of you ladies have a jump-off role for your boy, hit me up at 214.88*-****. Just kidding 😉

    All your rules are fine with me with the exception of number 10 because I am special after all.

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