He Says: She Should Cheat

According to Tank’s song “Baby I Deserve” she should cheat because he intially cheated. Since when do two wrongs make a right. How absurd is that? Would you condone your mate cheating since you in fact cheated? Let’s explore this topic a little further.

In most if not all relationships there is a great deal of infidelity being commited. Unfortunately, it has become the social norm and almost always expected. The depths that people go to, to cheat is not surprising anymore. Especially, in the age of the jump-off. So if my man cheats it is ok for me to cheat too and he better not bat an eye. Let’s see how many men agree to that. Ladies I do not know about you but when I found out my man cheated on me I was not necessarily in a rush for some revenge cheating. In fact that was the furthest thing from my mind. Truth be told I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact he commited this infidelity right under my nose. Cleverly, I might add I would have never guess he chose her to cheat with.

Now after we broke up I thought that I should have cheated but only because Keyshia Cole told me so, LOL. Let me stop! Bad joke I know. Being cheated on is devastating for both parties regardless of the premise or reason for it. For some there is no rhyme or reason for this egregious act. Tank’s song really made me question what kind of man would tolerate being direspected and cheated on just to feel better about his own indiscretions?

Now according to the song she could stay out late and come in whenever and it is ok with my man cause he cheated. One would assume that not only is this fool guilt ridden but that his ignorant butt just doesn’t care anymore. I mean you are ok with me seeing another man and then I can tell you not to be mad about it. The man I know would not tolerate such nonesense. Now my man is a insecure man is a man is an emotional wreck. Now what am I going to do with him? I am pissed that he would be audacious enough to imply that just because he has been tempted by the flesh I will succumb to. Pity the fool.

Men give your ladies more credit than that. Please respect the fact that she loves you inspite of your faults. More importantly stop falling prey to other women. Show your woman you are more than a conqueror when it comes to other women. Shower her with love and attention she so richly deserves. In that case you would not have to be walking around emotionally distrubed about your trite acts.

Bottom line is cheating should never be tolerated. The only thing that can absolve a man’s guilt should it happen is forgiveness. He has to forgive himself. He should never be mistreated or lie to because he cheated on you. He needs to move on from his infidelity otherwise he will self destruct and cheat again. Misery loves company.

What about you? Men who you condone your girl cheating if you had previously cheated on her? Ladies how would you feel about your man condoning your cheating to absolve himself of guilt? Share your thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “He Says: She Should Cheat

  1. I have to check that out it sounds interesting. Cheating…uh no!! And no I won’t cheat on him becuz he allowed it.

    I’ve have felt like Ms. Cole at times, but I wouldn’t give the satisfaction to be able to part his lips and say I cheated too.. Nah buddy!

  2. Yes you should cheat.. Cheat yourself into another relationship… If he cheats he is not serious about you.. There is something missing from the relationship for him and you should skiddatal out of there, if you can find someone else that satisfies…. Some guys are chronic cheats who feel a drive to just do it all the time… Can your health sustain that??

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