Friends with Benefits=Jump-Off

When does a person go from being a friend with benefits to a jump-off? We can’t be friends because you think I am your jump-off. When did you get that impression? We are both single right? I thought we were two adults participating in a non-committed relationship.

 How can one be labeled a jump-off when when both participants are single? Where does someone get rights to lay that claim? I thought two consenting adults were just that two consenting adults. How can a woman be his girl on the side?

People use the word jumpoff to loosely these days and I doubt they know the negative stigma attached. I am so tired of guys referring to the woman in their life as a J/O. You are sleeping with her just as she is sleeping with you. Either you are single or you are not. Half the time the woman in the friend with benefit situation isn’t even privy to the fact you have someone else. Case in point you are seeing a guy and you all are FWBs. The other girl he is actively seeing confronts you about the nature of you guys relationship. Shocked you handle the situation like a lady and inform her to direct any and all questions to him.

Yet women want to walk around calling the female friend a jump-off. What does that make you? We are a society based on labels. Judge lest ye be judged. There are plenty of women who are in friends with benefits situations that do not appreciate the name-calling. If they wanted him to be there man their man they would have said from the inception versus opting for a situation where the sex is casual and the emotional aspect is put on pause. Now both their primal needs are being met.

 Women are making informed decisions about their sexual life. Some are deciding that sex with a little something extra is suitable for their lifestyle. Many do not wish to be in fictious relationships. When they grow tired of their battery-operated boyfriend they get the emergency d#@! in the glass. The friend with benefits. One slides the woman in the jump-off category even when he does not have a woman. She is often kept as a big secret known only to a select few.

Contrary, to popular belief she is able to maintain a monogamous relationship with her friend. Their relationship should be one of honesty. Yet the man often neglects to inform his female friend that he has a significant other. Often the friend does not find out until the sugar, honey, ice tea hits the fan. Men will allow you to step into some mess without warning might I add. You think you are the only woman until you have an impromptu visit from the other woman. Presumably, the main chick.

Now let me digress for a moment. In the friend with benefit situation a woman is quite content with getting some when she wants and any extras of course. Just not the extra drama. She is not trying to make a relationship out of sex. She fully understands that you all have a contractual agreement where feelings are not to get involved. Yet in more cases that not he catches feeling enough to start lying and hiding things from you. Never telling you he has moved on his movements are quite contrite and non-chalant he gets careless and your two worlds collide when she gets a wift of you.

Men just ends things and keep it moving. Do not allow us to believe we are still friends when you have taken it to the next level with someone else. Sex is just sex, nothing more, nothing less. Ever been labeled a jump-off when you were under the impression you both were single? Share your thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits=Jump-Off

  1. I am going thru something like that now we started out as just friend who both had a mate in the begining and my relationship went sour my friend on the otherhand caught feelings but still has a girlfriend I like him very much but I dont know what to do now …….

    • You have to choose what role you want to play in life. Do you want to be the go to girl for him? Or his number one girl.
      P+*#? is priceless and we have to stop giving it away to men who cannot even commit to us for now let alone for life. Your body is a gem so treasure it accordingly. I am not judging babe talking to both of us.

  2. VIA Urban Dictionary online… a jump off is a female who is avaialable anytime & anyplace for anytype of sexual encounter

    Now Yahoo Answers:

    1. a casual sexual partner or girlfriend
    2. a woman of dubious sexual practices
    3. anything new and/or hot; especially in reference to a party or material item

    These so many definitions on what this word actually means.

    A single man & woman in a fwb relationship is that. At least in my book.

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