Stop wearing your heart between your legs!

Ever purposefully choose a mate that did not meet your standards just for the sake of saying you have a mate? Why do fools rush in? We want a relationship so badly we accept and compromise our own standards and beliefs masking the fact that we are indeed settling. More often than not loneliness supersedes happiness. We are so hell bent on being in a relationship we through all caution to the wind. We could care less about our own standards we just want to say we have someone in our life. Settling is an option you should never explore. Accepting someone that is less than satisfactory. It is not conducive to your own growth.

Case in point: you are dealing with someone for several years they give you everything you want except for the key aspect to a relationship a commitment. Along the way you meet someone else who does not necessarily meet your criteria for a mate but offers you a big bargaining chip commitment. You have grown tired of a non-commited relationship you jump at the chance without careful consideration. Basically, you have been sucked into a relationship for the sake of saying you have a mate.

Ladies we are so guilty of this present company included. We figure what one man won’t give us another man will but at what cost. We accept whatever just to say that we have whoever. Settling comes with a heavy price. More often than not you and that man are not equally yoked therefore the relationship is set on a weak foundation and as a result will not be able to stand the test of time. We tend to confuse infatuation with desperation. He says what you want to hear and now your are smitten by him or is it the attention he gives you. It is time to get our priorities straight either we want happiness or we are content with a temporary fix to a long-term situation. Choose wisely.

What is the sense in making your number go up just to be in a relationship? So you say I only sleep with him if he is my boyfriend and then you end up with five consecutive failed relationships. That is five bodies you did not have to have. Ladies PLEASE STOP WEARING YOUR HEART BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! Your happiness can be found there too and if you keep on this track it will become a bottomless pit of despair.

Time to wake up and honor ourselves more. Stop dangling the key to your happiness in your lap. Are you settling today? Do you want to stop hanging yourself just to have a man? Share your thoughts below.


2 thoughts on “Stop wearing your heart between your legs!

  1. Wow! This is a great post. You made some very valid points and I just hope that people will actually apply them in their own lives.

    I’ve always believed that the foundation of a relationship is far more important than the relationship itself. I’ve asked people on multiple occasions why they entered into a relationship and they often don’t know or have to take some time to figure it out. Ideally, we should be aware of why we enter into relationships and what the foundation we built it upon is. If we are unable to determine that, we can’t be surprised when fractures begin to appear in the foundation as time passes.

    • Thanks! We are too quick to settle we think a relationship will complete us versus looking for someone to compliment us. Equally yoked I cannot stress it enough. I dated someone who was not my type at all. I have never been a woman consumed by looks but he was sexy as hell and I hated wanted him for a while. While he had some good qualities on paper we weren’t a match but on the surface we looked good together. I paid dearly for that sacrifice and learned a lot. That is a lesson I didn’t have to learn the hard way. I just wanted so bad to belong to someone. Now I see that I have to focus on me and what I want my goals and ambitions time for me to be selfish for once. I can be selfless later when I finally find someone that compliments me until these I will ease on down the path of success alone.

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