Rebel without a second date!

Battle of the Sexes: Who breaks the most rules on a first date men or women? Both sexes are guilty as charged to commiting dating deal-breakers. I have compiled a list of dating dos and donts. I will start with the donts first. Here is what not to do:

1. Texting is not allowed. Allow your fingers to interwine put the phone on silent and concentrate on your date.

2. No ex or sex talk. Exes are not allowed on first dates. Don’t bring them up. No inappropriate suggestions i.e., sex talk it takes some time to connect so don’t sex each other up physically or verbally.

3. No drinking while dating allowed it’s the law. So no sipping while getting to know one another vision is not the only thing that gets blurry. The boundary lines that you value may get crossed and you will regret it.

4. Don’t arrive late! There is nothing cute about keeping your date wondering when or if you are going to show up.

5. Don’t get too personal! That is why rule number three is a definite no-no. You don’t want to terrify your date out of the idea of a second date.

Now that we have established the universal code of what not to do let’s formulate what should be done. Here are the dos:

1. Wear sexy underwear. Not for sex silly this will boost your ego making you more confident and less nervous on your first date.

2. Always carry cash. Expect the unexpected.

3. Positive thinking, positive attitude.

4. Do expect the unexpected, i.e., the non-traditional date a home-cooked meal, bowling, or picnic in the park.

5. Let the cards fall as they may. Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be.

First dates can be nerve-wrecking and you may break some rules but try to follow the code if you want a second chance to make a first impression. If you want a second date then you have to play by the rules. Now I want to speak to the ladies no matter what your body tells you please do not sleep with him on the first date. Don’t fall for the put up or shut up routine. If he cannot wait leave him on the curb somewhere. At the risk of revisiting an old cliche’ you are worth the wait.

Now men quit texting while dating. How rude! That is very annoying and makes us wonder if you are interested in us at all. Furthermore, it makes us feel you should not be here with us you should be with whomever you are texting, Facebook chatting with, BBM chat, Skyping, all of that. If you don’t have any interest take your sorry butt home. I am sure she is sorry she accepted your request for a date.

If it seems off don’t do it. I am not suggesting you fake the funk but be true to the game and follow the rules. Now if you are not interested then I guess you will be the rebel without a second date. Have you ever been on a first date with someone who broke all the rules so many of them that they are not even on this list? Tell me all about your first date dealbreakers below.


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