Is A Single Woman, A Married Superman’s Kryptonite?

Is a single woman a threat to a married man? Is it just me single ladies or are married men always nervous around you especially when they are not with their wives? Never too much eye contact, quick conversations, and plenty of nervous laughter.

Let me clear the air it is not every single woman’s plight to take a married man home with her. So married men please calm down damn you make us single women feel like an adulterous for looking at you let alone talking to you. I do not converse as freely with married men as I do single men. I barely crack a smile wouldn’t want his nervous ass thinking I was flirting. I know that the bling-bling on your left hand means off-limits. It is after all an unspoken code I live and not want to die by.  

Through my research on this subject I found a lot of articles on single women and married men and ladies it made us look bad. The world thinks we are temptresses lying in wait for someone’s unsuspecting husband. Shit truth be told married men make me nervous make me feel insecure about our dealings. I respect the vows of marriage very highly because I in fact would like to repeat them one day. All single women are not alike not all of us fantasize about married men. Some of us want someone all to ourselves.

It is as if married men feel if they come in contact with a single woman something bad is going to happen. Calm down superman we are not the enemy your conscious is in this case. If you do something stupid it is because you wanted to not because we made you. If a single woman happens to fall into your lap drop her ass to the floor and run. Simple as that.

We are not the enemy bad enough we have to deal with the scowls of commited women around the world we do not need heat from you too. Does the single woman have any allies in the commited world? I guess not. We are deemed worse than Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luther. Now y’all know Lois Lane can’t stand us either.

Single ladies we just cannot win. Married men consider us public enemy number one. They are so afraid of slipping up they won’t even acknowledge our presence when we are in the same room as them. I am not saying let’s be friends but does everything have to be so uptight and rigid. Is speaking to us that much of a fallacy? Sheesh! Ladies do you feel like the enemy in a married man’s presence? Do they make you uncomfortable with their nervous behavior? Share your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Is A Single Woman, A Married Superman’s Kryptonite?

  1. OOOOOh,

    You struck some nerves with this one. Your do list is very good but I have issues with some of your don’ts. I hate first dates because people are always on best behavior. If I was too not drink on a date, I would be presenting a lie. I drink most days, so why strart off with a false image. In fact, my rule for first dates is drinks and appetizers only. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars on a woman that may not get a second date.

    I like to find out about a woman’s recent relationships early on. If I am going to get shot or receive some kind of crazy phone call in the middle of the night, I want to know in advance. I also tell a lot of my personal business so there are no surprises. “Yes, I like lots of women, no I don’t want to have any more children, yes I do like one night stands, no, I am never getting married again, Yes, you are free to kick rocks at any point in this date.”

    Good post.

    • I think the men are insecure as well. They see us as a threat to their union because secretly they want to explore the forbidden fruit which is the single woman. Therefore, erroneously deeming us a temptress.

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