Let’s Talk About Sex: Must Every Fantasy Be Fulfilled


It is time to bring back an oldie but a goodie the Freaky Friday series. Freaky Friday is a segment in which I pose more intimate relationship questions. Feel free to suggest some at loverz.quarrel@gmail.com

Time to get freaky!


Freaky Friday: Should every sexual fantasy be fulfilled? If not will the relationship survive the rejection of the fantasy? Will your mate still desire the natural order if you don’t mix it up?


In relationships one of our goals is to please our mate within the best of our ability. Their happiness is a top priority to us and sometimes it comes before our own. Sexual desires are no different but what if your mate desired something you are uncomfortable with fulfilling. Should you compromise and do it anyway? Since there is no I in team, do you negate your reservations altogether and give in, for fear they may get their wild oats sowed elsewhere? Or do you stand your ground and remain in a firm position that every fantasy does not have to come to fruition?

Ladies your man decides it is time to reveal his fantasy of wanting to be watched while have sex by a third party. You actually contemplate doing it and you want to make him happy but you do not need or want an audience during sex. So you come up with a happy medium instead this way both your needs get me. You set up a camcorder in the bedroom and say baby let’s make a movie starring us and later we can be the audience. This excites him and he is all in. Cha-ching fantasy achieved partially anyway.

Though not all fantasies have happy mediums and some cannot be fulfilled in any light at least you love your mate enough to try and find a way to make them happy and at the end of the day that is all that counts.

Some may feel one should have gotten all their wild sex acts fulfilled in singlehood. Some women may feel that wives and girlfriends do not commit such acts. No just because “good girls” don’t do that but more importantly they may feel it would change your perspective on them if they did it. Questions would arise as to who she has done this to before? Men never want to believe they are the first when it comes to sexual experimentation. It never occurs to them that maybe this is also something you have wanted to try and you are just so comfortable with them that you happily oblige them.

Fulfilling fantasies is often a double-sided sword and it cuts both ways. If you do it then you are some sort of freak he can’t ever take seriously and if you don’t you are a prude and he will just supplement his fantasy with a ready and willing stand in.  

The real question becomes how do you satisfy both parties? If you have a healthy sex life then introducing something new may disturb things or if it is unhealthy then it may enhance things and bring you all closer. This is something you should discuss candidly with your partner at length. Do not immediately dismiss or oblige something without our careful consideration.

What is your fantasy and was it fulfilled by your mate or someone else? If your mate fulfilled it did it change your view of them? Was their innocence lost in your eyes? Share your thoughts below.




3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex: Must Every Fantasy Be Fulfilled

  1. I have fantasies that I am frankly afraid to even voice. Will he think I am some sort of freak? Would it be too much for him to handle?
    I’m all in for fulfilling a fantasy, but I think there are limitations. Think before giving in to something you aren’t into or feeling. You may regret it.

  2. well i have always fantasied about older men and the whole strong domination aspect of it not the wrinkles and beer bellies! but their muscles and rough beards, but I kind of told this one guy and now he’s trying it on with me he’s about 10 years older than me and the other day he made an action and I was kind of like “you can’t touch me” thats against the rules, we talk dirty online often but now I’m like arch i wish it stayed in my head i feel more naughty and turned on when no one else knows what I’m thinking. its the fun of it to keep it secret.

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