The Power of Flirting

Battle of the Sexes: Who is the better flirt men or women? Furthermore who is better at it, men or women? Personally, women win this one hands down. Let’s face it we get away with way more we get to flirt before we even speak. We invite you in with our eyes, when you smile we smile for imitiation is the best form of flattery, and most importantly we can gaze at you capture your soul without eyes and then drop it to the floor when we dare to look away leaving you longing for another glance.

You feel sexy don’t you and wanted and I did not even say one word to you. Damn I am good! Go ladies! Now that I got that ego trip out of the way let’s get down to business. I have researched some flirting tips for both sexes. Hopefully, this will enhance our flirting games guys and gals. Time to step your game up let’s go! Golden rule is ladies first:

1. Confidence is key! A little confidence goes a long way. Men find confident women to be oozing with sexiness, they are drawn to her like a moth to the flame burned by the fire. That the way flirting goes.

2. Smile-It contagious and advantageous for you by smiling at him you break down his defenses with this one gesture once he smiles back there is your invite. Do not wear out your welcome by frowning for one it gives your wrinkles and it makes you look disinterested in turn turning him off.

3. Gift of the Gab- Contrary to popular belief men are not the only ones who like to flex their muscles. Women men love a woman who knows how to flex her intellect. Beauty and brains is  a powerful thing. Engage him with your words till they permeate his heart and you have the melted remnants in your hand.

4. Be yourself! Never be afraid to be you.

Ladies flirting can be fun so do it often but choose your subjects wisely because you would not want to turn up the heat on the wrong guy.

Hi boys! It is your turn. Here goes:

1. Give and take-As ye giveth a compliment take it away. This will in turn trigger her emotions. Take her hands in yours and tell her how soft they are, when she pulls away. Tell her hands do not feel as soft as they did when they were in your hands a few minutes ago she will want you to hold them again.

2. Compliment her-Flattery gets you everywhere. Make her feel appreciated.

3.Lead-There is something so sexy about a man who takes charge it just commands respect. Personally, this tip is my favorite. Women like to be told what to do by a man that can lead. This is a surefire way to sweep her off her feet.

4. Use curiousity-How can you make her curious? A woman loves to think there is something about her you find intriguing and she will want to know what that is.

5. Show interest-Mix it up and make it playful. Flirting is so much fun when done right. Keep her smiling and laughing we love that makes us less defensive and more receptive to you.

Honestly, I love to flirt because it is so innocent and it makes you vulnerable in an unassuming way. It gives off positive vibes and will enable you to stay on your person of interest mind all the time. You will find yourself smiling in anticipation of your next encounter.

By the way flirting is an excellent beauty tip is makes you glow, makes you less stressed, and your body feels lighter when you flirt. So get your exercise on.

Do you need to step your flirting game up? Which tip is your all-time favorite? Which one did not make the list but should have? Share your thoughts below.


4 thoughts on “The Power of Flirting

  1. I love flirting for the simple fact that it makes the other person feel special and it makes you that much mroe desirable.
    Women def got that game locked because we are typically the ones being chased.
    I like a good flirty convo tho…hoping to have some in the upcoming hot summer months lol

  2. I enjoy flirting and the more I do it the better I get at it. I love it when a make keeps me smiling and make my mind race. I love to give him non-verbal cues that I am interested that way I can draw him in and feel his vibe and therefore know how to proceed. Eye contact is muy importante! The eyes hold the truth for they are the window to the soul. That is my favorite conversation with the eyes hold his gaze as we smile at one another as if our minds are projecting our thoughts through our eyes.

  3. I love a flirty woman. I have been told I’m a natural flirt. Some of us can’t helpt it I suppose…

    I like tips 2 through 4 for the ladies. Those work for me as well.

    Other things that I like from women are “accidental” brushes, crossing and uncrossing legs, and batting eyelashes.

    • I love to flirt it is so much fun. The non-verbal cues are my favorite part. I love to sit back and watch his reaction my smile my body language. I love drawing him in but not too much just enough to know I am interested.

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