Confessions of a Good Girl Gone Bad

Why is loyalty so hard to come by in relationships? Men and women have trouble with being loyal to their mate. Why is our mate’s time and attention not enough? Believe it or not men are not the only ones who stray, women are guilty too. Makes you wonder is cheating innate or is it learned behavior. Are some of us born to be cheaters or does one bad apple spoil the loyal bunch.

Commitment is a hard pill to swallow. It means being true and loyal to your mate. Not straying when he/she is not around. Why is monogamy so scarce in our society. It is almost expected that infidelity will occur in a relationship. It has become the social norm. People do not want to stand out by being faithful so what he supports you and loves you to piece he cannot put it down like boyfriend number two so oh well. What he doesn’t know won’t get you killed?

People are not even scared of the consequences of their cheating anymore. Why is commitment so damn hard? We will have a good person in our life and have empty meaningless sex. What happened to the negative stain of cheating? We think we are invincible and beyond reproach. Let me put it like this I am a cheater and I want to be reformed but how. I am more scared of being faithful than being caught in the act. The brazen act and the audacioness of never being caught. Always wondering what  would you do if  you were caught but that day never comes. In the next relationship you want to be faithful but how? An entree isn’t good without something on the side.

Damn you shattered your good girl image but it is true and you have grown tired of hiding from who you truly are. A cheater and one who hates holding in lies. You need a clean slate and want to be honest. When meeting someone new  never divulge the fact you are a  former cheater because they will never commit to you knowing that. Sometimes you wonder if you are incapable of being faithful . Often being cheated on in the past pre-disposes you to cheating in the future.

Now telling this does not mitigate cheating but it serves as a way to explain how the idea comes to fruition. Leaving you guarded now scared of loving like before for fear of getting hurt. Cheating protects your heart. It keeps you from putting all your eggs in one basket. Something you never like to do. That is why it is so hard to find love. You will have a good man but struggle to be true to him. Surprisingly, you want to be faithful but something keeps calling you back and maybe it is someone you gave your heart to who won’t ever commit to you but will creep with you. Cheating is never worth it.

Just learn from your past transgressions. Even when both of you were cheating did you find any solace in him cheating on you. You were shocked and appalled at his behavior not once did your own infidelity come into play. Fair exchange is no robbery right.

Do you have a cheating problem? Is being faithful an arduous task for you? Share your thoughts below.


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Good Girl Gone Bad

  1. I really like this post. You have a very interesting perspective on cheating. I would like very much to do a podcast with you discussing this topic. Let me know if you’re cool with that. Great job!

  2. Thank you very much. That would make for an interesting conversation. Cheating happens unfortunately and in some cases it is inevitable. Society puts women in two categories good and bad. The good can do no wrong and the bad seem to get worse. So when a woman cheats for whatever reason it is a carnal sin and deems her unworthy of true love. Yet when a man does it his woman was not satisfying him. She was lacking somewhere. Cheating should never be justified since it is so heartbreaking for all those involved.

  3. i really enjoyed reading your works its like a beautiful tapestry of art and your straight too the point with ive really enjoyed every article you wrote here that ive read keep up the great work

  4. I think in today’s society, cheating is almost inevitable. The old rules are antiquated and don’t fit in today’s me-first society. People just need to be up front with each other and admit they are not going to be entirely faithful.

    The Will and Jada model where they have an open relationship is the marriage of the future.

  5. youngman i will say its inivitable all depends on the human being its true that when a man cheats means the woman is lacking what that man need to be looked to her and its posible for evry woman having a man to hold the man to not cheat i dont know for womean but for a woman t who cheats thats crazy i dont want to even think of that u are not qaulified to be a woman

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