Too Tight Just Not Right

Freaky Friday: Men what do you do when you encounter a woman that is too tight? Every man enjoys a snug fit but what if it is tighter than Fort Knox? How will you proceed? Is this a turn-off?

Does size matter when it comes to a tight squeeze? Many men may think since women can have babies and stretch to make room for the baby coming out that going in is a breeze. Yet that is not the case the wrong stroke can cause a tear and make it even more painful for the woman to enjoy sex. Should you encounter a woman that is “too tight” have plenty of lubrication on stand-by as well as lubricating her yourself. There is nothing worse than trying to slide in a dry spot the friction is frustrating for both you and her.

Selfish lovers are not permitted in this space at all. If you cannot get her wet then you might as well forget…about it. Imagine the discomfort she feels when your selfish ass tries to slide it in forcefully since it does not go in with ease. Have some sympathy for a girl. Some women are not made to take heavy poking and prodding. There is nothing more sexy than a patient man. One who will ease you into things especially when you suffer with a spot that is too tight. It is a gift and a curse. Granted it makes for a snug fit around you men but just getting the head in can be difficult at best it is like her first time everytime you slide it in.

Ladies who have this problem do not even do kegals or need the like a virgin gel every time he slides out it is like you tighten up and are a virgin all over again. Virgin tight as men like to call it. This can be frustrating for both sexes. Especially, women how can you enjoy sex when you meet the idea of him inside you with extreme trepidation. Sex is supposed to relax your body not tense it up. Now men I have explained to you that a woman needs you to keep her lubricated this is where KY jelly and your own lubricant your tongue comes into play. Take your time with her and make sure she is nice and comfortable before you try to slide in.

Ladies you can help by maybe masturbating before hand have some lubricant on hand and play with it and if you have a vibrator or dildo use that to loosen it up ease the vibrator or dildo into you and gently tug it around a little before sex. You can also try this when practicing alone during me time. Ladies we cannot be selfish either when it comes to this problem often this problem will cause a man to ejaculate sooner than either of you expect or turn him off by making him feel like he is taking it from you. Loosen your legs and walls beforehand. Work with the man.

Now let me inform you medically speaking there is no such thing as too tight because a when woman becomes sexually aroused during sex, her vagina becomes wet and opens up to ease penetration. Thanks to the accordion-style folds of skin in its wall, any woman’s vagina can accommodate any size penis, no matter how large. That is why lubrication is key. If she is too tight, make it right by using a lube be it from you or the store.

Have you ever experience a woman that was too tight? How did you tackle this issue? Did it turn you off or did you you proceed with patience? Ladies how do you help your man when he encounters your tight squeeze? Share your thoughts below.


9 thoughts on “Too Tight Just Not Right

  1. Like you said, too tight can be worked around. If you take your time and you have a connection with a “too tight” woman, you can get her wet enough to where you could drive a small European vehicle inside her.

    What cannot be worked out is what I refer to as the “circle”. I have only seen one circle. When you have allowed so many dudes in your inner sanctum and have stretched the walls beyond where the should be, the pussy becomes circular. It’s huge. You couldn’t touch all the walls at the same time with a tree stump. Once this occurs, sex is not enjoyable for the man at all.

    In summary, too tight= no problem. Too large= deal breaker.

  2. there’s no such thing as too tight, simply, too DRY. 90% of the time, if she’s dry, then there’s something wrong. Either you’re not turning her on, the moment is wrong, etc… but something is off. If she’s wet enough, you can stick a bat in there.

    I’ve never heard of a circle, but if she’s dry, that circle about as wide as a pencil, so it wouldn’t matter. Men with different sized penises can stick their dick in a something and it’ll friend completely different. One dude will say she’s blew out, the other will say it’s just right.

  3. I have never encountered that issue where a woman was too tight, unless it was the result of too little lubrication that was quickly resolved with KY Jelly or changing positions. Reality is if she can pass the head of a baby through it then being too tight is never an issue because should should be able to handle any size.

    • If I hadn’t run into a woman I couldn’t get into, I would have said it was impossible for that to happen – but I did and please believe me: Nothing we did could get me inside her.

      Damnedest thing I’ve ever experienced.

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