Dirty Dancing

Battle of the Sexes: Which lap dance is worst in the strip club or the nightclub? Let me play devil’s advocate. In the defense of the men dances at a strip club are censored and tastefully done there is a strict hands off policy. The men can be touched but they are not allowed to touch the women. Now in a nightclub it is a free for all even football has less contact than dancing at a nightclub. It is if it they are having sex on the dance floor. They might as well bring a condom to the club. The lap dances in the strip club is known as contact dancing in which the patron is seated and the dancer barely sits on the patron’s lap. While titillating and tantalizing it is still tasteful. Let him go to the strip club and pay a stripper to tease the hell out of him and send him home ready for you. Next time send her a damn tip.

In a nightclub there are loose women and free alcohol a recipe for disaster. Yes free drinks because your man is paying for what she is sipping on. No telling who he is going home with or if he is coming home at all. He winds up sleeping with a woman he barely even knows. He’ll never tell. Either way you slice it is still bad. No woman wants another woman dancing suggestively on her man.

Take a pole dancing class and turn up the heat. Show him how you really work the pole and try some of your best moves on him. Throw your sexy outfit on with a sexy garter and tell him to make it rain. Let that money fall as you are sliding upside down from the pole. Give him something he doesn’t have to leave home to find. Don’t be afraid to be a kinky girl. Trust me he will love it. They have the poles that you can hook up to the ceiling in your bedroom. Give him a nice striptease on one long and rainy night. Show him who really invented sex.

Many women think it is distateful to be so open sexually with their man. Well let me be the first to say you can be a lady everywhere else but the bedroom. You want to still be his good time girl. Make the bedroom not only a strip tease for him but for you as well reverse the roles have him strip for you like the men in the male revues. Teach him the art of seduction. Show him how to work his waist teach him this will turn the both of you on.

Take it a step further and surprise him with a trip to the strip club or be his dirty dance instructor at a night club. Seduce him in the night club with your slow wind. Or get a lap dance from a stripper for the both of you watch as she interacts with him and take notes. Do not allow her to make you feel slighted or jealous. You are his lady and that night you can be his private dancer.

Which is worst a lapdance at a night club or a strip club? Share your thoughts below.


3 thoughts on “Dirty Dancing

  1. Great post. I’m going to keep it simple. I personally believe the nightclub is worse. Like you stated, the possibilities are endless, especially after practically having sex on the dance floor. Where else could things possible lead after that.

    I’m definitely with my woman taking pole dancing classes and stripteasing for me. That’s what I’m talking about!

    • The night club can lead out to the door and into the bedroom. Hook-ups occur more often in the night club than the stripclub and the females in the stripclub are more classy and respectful. How ironic is that?

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